A Depressed Girl Living In A Spiritual World…

A Depressed Girl Living In A Spiritual World

In the era we are currently in where spirituality is being embraced more and more daily, many people form a belief that spirituality is all about love and light, vibrating higher and dancing in the grass barefoot as a means of grounding. While all of these aspects may be true, there is a flip side to the coin. We must dive deep, go within and do our shadow work as well as even going through the ‘dark night of the soul’ in many cases. My journey through it all has most definitely been a challenging one.

I’ve dealt with depression since my early teen years. Back then I didn’t have the awareness of maybe I need to get to the root and understanding of these emotions. As I began to boldly walk on my spiritual path, I realized my depression was something I most definitely have to address in order to heal and ascend on my path. And quite frankly, I wasn’t sure how I would survive it all. My path to healing was quite dark often as I allowed old ways of thinking, being and living die away in order for me to give birth to my true being to thrive and grow in my new lifestyle. During this time I had no guides (in human form at least), mentors or support from someone who shared similar experiences and had insight. So I truly had to go within and figure out how to heal-me. Along with dealing with depression and learning to let go I had to learn to welcome in new and different experiences that goes along with a spiritual path. As I look back it was far from easy but truly worth it. Some things that helped were:

Meditation. This is number one and what I always highly recommend to everyone starting out. We have to put ourselves in a place to be able and willing to listen. Not necessarily with physical ears but with a subtle knowing from Spirit. Meditation has so many benefits especially for mental health awareness. This type of therapy gives great support on your journey.

Journaling. I used and continue to use journaling as a form of meditation for me. I Journal good but especially bad days. This helps by having somewhere to go and reflect on how far you’ve come.

Find an outlet. Whether it’s kickboxing, gardening, teaching skills etc. something to channel those emotions in. Sometimes when feeling depressed we may not even know why the feeling is coming on in that moment. Take that energy and transmute it in a physical way. Taking your mind off whatever has you in a low vibrational state can help clear your mind and increase awareness.

Always remember you will get through what your going through. Depression instills feelings of hopelessness and as if we have no purpose. The more you walk in the power of who you are, the more you can overcome these feelings. You begin to realize there are still reasons to have hope as well realizing you truly have a purpose here giving you the energy to fight another day.

Don’t be afraid or ashamed to get or ask for help. So I was (still am!) someone who is always helping others. I wouldn’t ask for help because I didn’t want to appear ‘weak’ or ‘vulnerable’ to others. I didn’t want my clients thinking- ‘well if she needs help how can she effectively help me?’ Keep in mind everybody needs somebody. All gurus have a guru. All teachers have a teacher. And we all are human facing different challenging situations in life. So seek help, someone to talk to and help you gain clarity. With depression, the blinders can be so dark that we truly lose sight of a situation and the good in anything. We only hope to escape the pain we are currently stuck in. Having a therapist or mentor can help work through these tough moments.

With all that being said, I’m sure your wondering, so she’s not dealing with depression anymore? Yes I still do actually. Not as often and not as debilitating. There were many days I would stay in bed in total darkness wanting to vanish from the face of the earth. But having the support of my spirituality teaches me we must deal with all aspects of our being, good and bad. I’ve gotten better at fighting through those dark moments. I don’t claim depression to be mine and something that controls my life. It is another aspect of me that requires continuous healing. But I don’t allow it to define me, my life, or how I will maneuver through my life. We must remember that the strongest soldiers are given the toughest battles. And currently we are in a spiritual warfare so distractions will attempt to succumb us. But remember your strength and your power. And on those hard days look back at how far you’ve come and how you defeated depression each time when it seemed impossible to do so. We are survivors.


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