A Breath Of Fresh Air

Breath is the essence of life. From it, we draw on all of our strength. Breath not only delves into the physical plane, it also connects the astral and emotional planes as well.

When we breathe, it is important to focus the energy of that breath into either a physical aspect, the stomach, or an energetic or astral aspect such as a chakra.

By doing this, we begin to weld our physical, emotional and astral bodies into one being. From this comes immense peace and the ability to heal oneself.

I have been working in the medical field for several years. We spend most of our time comforting and aiding in healing others. The healing process can often be painful and down right uncomfortable. It is difficult to see people you have connected with go through this. My best suggestion to them when they begin to walk again, or begin to regain control of their bodies, is to focus on their breath.

For instance, sufferers of Parkinson’s disease, an ailment that attacks the central nervous system, have difficulty controlling their bodies. Whether it be from tremors, uncontrollable shaking, or muscle atrophy, the degeneration of muscles that leads to body parts locking in place, Individuals who suffer from such a terrible disease experience pain quite frequently.

When I am assisting them with dressing, or donning their braces, I direct them to breathe deeply and deliberately. I tell them to focus on their breathe as it relaxes them enough to help them move.

It amazes me that breath has the ability to ease pain instantaneously. As we go through our lives, we forget such a simple yet instrumental piece of information. Whenever we are uncomfortable, angry, sad, even happy or joyful, we can tune into our breath to guide that energy towards peace and fulfillment.

Remember to take time to breathe today. Even if it’s just for 15 seconds. Take the time for you and your health.

As always, stay well and breathe happy<3


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