9 Suggestions To Help You Make It Through…

9 Suggestions To Help You Make It Through

I should probably be using this time to write, edit, teach, or learn something new, anything would likely be greater than sitting her wondering when it’ll all be over. I am sure of this. However, I am also sure that shoulding on myself or others is not best for any of us.

Still, I am writing. Not because I should. I am writing because I need to. I need to share my anxieties so that other anxious bodies can know, we are not alone. We are in this together. All of us. So, here’s what I am doing to decrease my anxieties:

1. Do what’s best for you. 

I am doing whatever is best for me. I encourage you to do what’s best for you. This doesn’t mean ignoring our new rules for maintaining our safety. It means, unplugging when you need to; Scrolling when you want to. And for me, it means creating things out of joy.

2. Connect. 

I am not attempting to hold myself or others to a standard that may be irrelevant. I am connecting with others and creating new bonds because I know if this ever does happen again, connection will be all that really matters.

3. Play a game. 

I am playing games with my son and relishing in every win. This is good for me. And for him too because I am teaching strategy. I am not letting him win because he’s under 10. I am teaching him that competition can be fun. I am teaching him that having a good strategy matters. Because although I believe I will beat him at every game, a smart leader never underestimates her opponent. There must always be a strategy.

4. Relax. 

I am showing my children that I do know how to relax. I hope, they will feel free to remind me of this the very next time I shoe them away to answer a work request.

5. Let go. 

I am not checking my stocks because right now I can’t do anything about whatever is lost. And since this isn’t my first time on the merry go round, I know most, if not all, will rebound.

6. Sleep in.

I am sleeping in and staying up late because one thing the current situation is showing us is, some things can wait.

7. Consider others. 

I am not hoarding essentials because that stockpile would give me shingles. Shingles because I am a worrier, and nothing is more worrisome than watching piles. I believe we will have whatever we need when we need it because, we are all relearning how to share.

8. Think higher. 

The only thing that’s keeping me sane is knowing that all of this, is not in vain. We are learning to live more, help each other be secure, and connect with people that we don’t always have time to touch.

9. No lists. 

I am not making lists because incomplete lists make me anxious. So, let me stop here because my anxieties are getting near. I going to stop now and start over at number one. I hope a few things on this list touches you where you need it to.

And if none of this appeals to you, just do the best that you can do to get yourself through.


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