9 Reasons Why Bali Is The Paradise For Solo Travelers…

9 Reasons Why Bali Is The Paradise For Solo Travelers

Bali is a mystical Indonesian Island that is loved for the spirituality and divine connection it offers. People from all over the world travel to Bali in search of truth, healing, and spiritual growth.

Bali is the perfect place for solo travelers. Do you have some money saved and want to go to a magical place where you feel safe and alive? Bali is the perfect place for that. Thousands of solo travelers visit Bali in the hope of expansive and refreshing experience.

Here are nine reasons why Bali is best for solo travelers.

The kind-hearted people of Bali

The local people of Bali are warm-hearted and welcoming. Their warm hearts and kind smiles make you feel as though you are home. This is one of the main reasons and an essential factor that makes Bali feel like a magical home away from home.

Be assured that the feeling of being in a strange and distant land is sure to go off in the first few years of reaching Bali. The culture of Bali is so warm and welcoming that you will feel a love of a hundred hearts on your solo trip in the mystical land of Bali.

Travelling in Bali is easy

Getting around Bali is super easy. The capital of Bali is Ubud. It is in the center of the island and also the cultural and spiritual center of Bali. Getting around in Ubud is a walk in the park. Literally, you can walk all around Ubud as everything is available within walking distance, and if you are tired, you can take a bike for slightly longer distances.

Walking around Ubud in the glorious sun of Bali is one of the reasons why Bali is best for solo travelers.

For the nearby islands, you can take an Uber or a ferry ride. All of the travel around Bali, especially to the nearby islands, would cost you less than $100.

It’s safe

Bali is a safe space for solo travelers. It’s a place where you can walk around at 2 am, and not for a minute will you ever feel like there is someone you need to protect yourself from.

As mentioned above, the people of Bali are friendly, and most importantly, they are sincere and spiritual. Their deep faith in God and the divine makes them some of the most peaceful people in the world. When in Bali, be assured you safe on your solo travels.

This is one of the reasons why Bali is best for solo travelers, though be careful around the volcanoes and when the oceans are stormy.

Perfect for meeting new people

Bali is the perfect destination to meet fellow solo travelers from all around the world. Here you have a chance to meet interesting people who have also come to Bali to find themselves and have a refreshing experience.

Many yogis, spiritual seekers, truth seekers, healers, perm culturalists, musicians, and artists travel to Bali to share their gifts and experience the deep spirituality and vibrancy of Bali. This makes it the perfect place for solo travelers to meet other like-minded individuals.


What better way to spend a solo holiday than devouring and bathing yourself in self-care and self-love? Massage parlors are abundant in Bali. So, on your solo travel to Bali, why not get yourself a profoundly healing and rejuvenating massage in Bali.

Massage is an important aspect of Balinese culture, and so you will find some excellent massage therapists in Bali at very affordable prices.


Bali is one of the most affordable destinations to visit, which is makes it one of the best destinations for solo travelers. A deeply relaxing and healing massage in Bali can cost you as less 5$, and meal in Bali would cost you as less as 7$ in cafes in Bali.

It’s raining Rupiah here, which is the currency of Bali. Fine dining at one of the luxury resorts in Bali can be done under 20$ and a stay a luxury resort in Bali can be done around 45$ a night. A pack of 10 yoga classes can be done at 60$. What more can one want?

Situated to the east of Java, Bali is indeed a paradise for nature lovers, adventurists, travelers, hikers and more. There is a lot to explore and unravel in this magical place which will never fail to amaze you.


Bali is also home to many wise healers. Balinese healers are some of the best and sincere healers. These healers are excellent at healing a particular physical, mental, emotional, spiritual problem you might be dealing with.

Many of these healers work with the body with bodywork, massages, and acupuncture. So, find a healer than you feel comfortable with and gift yourself some self-loving healing on your soul trip to Bali.

Spiritual Journeys

Bali is a yoga haven. Having some of the best Bali yoga retreats is what makes this place a paradise for solo travelers. Yoga is an inward journey. It is a profound spiritual journey that has to be taken alone by an individual. The spiritual journey inward is one which we must take alone.

Bali has some of the best yoga retreats, yoga studios, meditation retreats, and spiritual growth workshops. What better way to connect with yourself on this solo spiritual journey than diving deep within yourself with the help of yoga, meditation, and other spiritual tools that Bali so abundantly offers.

Bali is one of the most popular spiritual getaways in South-east Asia and people from different corners of the globe come here to seek spiritual progress.

Perfect place to be alone

Bali has an abundance of luscious forests, pristine beaches, majestic mountains, silent temples, and peaceful energy, which makes it the perfect place to be alone and solo travel.

Go for walks on the beach by yourself connecting to the divine spirit of water or go an on trek into the forests to connect to mother earth to make the most of your solo travel to Bali. Get to know yourself, take yourself out a date to a restaurant, and buy yourself a delicious meal.

As C. Joy Bell says “The most adventurous journey to embark on; is the journey to yourself, the most exciting thing to discover; is who you really are, the most treasured pieces that you can find; are all the pieces of you, the most special portrait you can recognize; is the portrait of your soul.”

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