8 Tips To Slowing Down In 2020…

8 Tips To Slowing Down In 2020

It is almost 2020 and traditionally we set new goals and resolutions that probably last a few weeks or even days. Taking time to pamper or take care of yourself should be a priority, the only way we learn and connect with your body to know when something is going wrong or right to keep you healthy and engergised.

If you’re like me, you don’t take time to pamper yourself, your response would be “I don’t have the time for that”. We completely miss the fact that even God took a day off when he was creating our world, so why do we believe that it is not important for us to take time out. Yes, I know some of you go on holiday, but what are you doing on holiday? Entertaining, the kids, visiting relatives, or sightseeing, you are still busy doing.

Before you say “but Denise…”, what happens when you get sick and can’t get out of bed? Or worst yet, what would happen if you died? Does the world stop turning? No, your family manage, your spouse steps up, relatives or friends step in, your job replaces you the next week.

Never think you don’t have time to slow down, to enjoy life, to get healthy, to focus on your relationships, life is way too short to be too busy and miss it. God has given us powerfully creative minds, we can find time and space whenever we take the time to find it.

Sometimes, we need help, someone to motivate us to change, help us refocus. There is where I can help you, call me on 07534 526544 or email contact@deniseparris.net to find out how. In the meantime, here are 7 quick and easy tips to help you slow down in 2020

Prioritize daily objectives in a visible and easily accessible list to keep your focuses throughout the day. This will reduce your stress level from trying to accomplish everything and not just your priorities for the day.

Reduce your internet and television use by 50% and use that time to learn a new skill, pick up a hobby, go for a walk, prayer/meditate or even read the book (maybe the bible if you’re a Christian). You would be amazed how much time you will gain in your day just doing this one thing.

Catch a few deep breathes of fresh air in nature, (somewhere outside) even if it’s just for 5-10 minutes during your day. Listen to the sounds around you, stop and smell a flower, just disconnect from the rest of the world.

Mindfully eat your meals. If you are a slow eater, you’re in the minority, congratulations. But if you can’t even remember what you ate or when time to change. Take the time to give thanks for your meal, smell it and as you thoroughly chew it, take time to appreciate the texture and flavours in your mouth. This will significantly help your digestive process.

Connect Deeper with Family and Friends. Quality time with the ones you love, or even ones that need some love is so very important. Go deeper with your connection, put down the mobile phone, take off the TV, just give a listening ear, you will be surprised what you learn or how it may save someone’s life. Plus, why not do a random act of kindness for a stranger.

Make time for yourself. Yes even you ladies with kids. Find time to do something you love, just for you. Be creative. There is time if you look for it, the kids should go to bed by a certain time, if not, we need to have another conversation about that.

Close your eyes just for a few moments. Just before you start that next task, just take a few moments to breathe deeply with your eyes closed, listen to your breathing and feel it healthy body and relax your mind. Trust me, you will open your eyes with greater clarity of thought to attack your next task.

Extra Tips – Before you start your day be grateful. Write down at least 3 things that you are grateful for and then at night, give thanks for at least 3 things that happened in your day.

When you are ready to make a significant transformation in your life and health, don’t hesitate to book a Free 60 Minute Health Consultation with me, and we kickstart your health transformation.

Ways I can help you…

Set achievable life and health goals

Nutritional and Oxidation assessments

Weekly healthy meal plans with recipes and detailed shopping lists

Support you in managing or overcoming a health condition

Provide educational material and tips to even support your family


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