8 Powerful Ways To Listen To Yourself…

8 Powerful Ways To Listen To Yourself

Suppose you have a question in your mind, to whom you will ask for its answer?

Maybe to your close ones or your best friend or your life partner. Am I right?

Mostly we seek the answer to our problems to others. But have you ever listen to your inner voice? Here in this article, we will discuss some simple ways which will help you listen to your inner self.

Try to integrate some of the following steps each day because you are cultivating a relationship with yourself.

1. Recognise your preferences

Your life values are what matters to you. To identify your true values, look at your self, your choices, and preferences that bring to you happiness. If your priority is money, then why are you hating your current job? If you think your value is power, then imagine yourself as the most powerful person where you are giving commands to others. Would this make you happy or you feel lonely?

If you aren’t sure about your true value, try imagining a life living only that value then think of where that value came from. Is it yours, or your family or friends have that value.

2. Dig out your core beliefs

Your core beliefs are viewpoints you have about yourself and others. These beliefs usually develops in your childhood and passed on to you by your parents or other family members.

The major problem with core beliefs is that they are rooted so deeply in your sub conscious mind you are not able to listen to yourself and take your decision based on them.

By digging your core belief here I mean to be true with yourself to accept them. By removing the ones that mislead you and replacing them with ones that bring more ease to your life is a truly powerful and time taking process.

3. Recognize your inner critic

Listen the talk that is happening in your head that sounds like a critic telling you what to do in a particular way. Recognise that critic and and listen to it with mindfully what it is saying to you and how could you stop talking to you.

4. Declutter your mind

One of the reasons you might struggle to hear your inner self is that you just have so many thoughts at one time. It’s like trying to choose a dress to wear out of hundreds. And then it might become a cause for your anxieties, and worries about the past and the future.

So how to hear your thoughts? It is as simple as that, take a pen and paper or maintain your journal for regular practice. Just write down all the thoughts in your head, the judgments, the anger, the sadness, and the self-criticism.

At first, it might take time to develop this habit but if you practice it regularly, you will find your real voice now on your paper.

5. Live in present moment

Another effective way to burst through mind clutter and listen to yourself is mindfulness. A practice of living in present can help the best. Over time you will become more efficient to recognize your inner voice or how you are feeling right now, without thinking of the worries and thoughts.

6. Constantly ask yourself good questions

Try asking yourself questions about your life, future, your priorities etc. For example, what are the top 3 things that makes you happy? What are the obstacle in achieving in your goals? Who inspires you in life?

You can create a list of question on weekly basis and answer them in your daily journal.

7. Try new things weekly

We all have learned so many things since childhood from our family or our friends. But do we like to do those things? If you like then its good but if you are not sure, try to learn something new every month. For example try a different form of workout, develop a new habit, talk to your old friend etc.

Doing something new on a regular basis not only increase your creativity but also help you to reduce unnecessary stress.

8. Practise self-care

Just like we take care of our precious things or relationships, we should be kind to ourselves. You might find that the nicer you are to yourself, the more you open up to yourself.

How can you treat yourself nicely this week? Is it a hot bath instead of spending time on the digital device or a social gathering, you don’t really want to go to? Indulge in any kind of self care activities of your choice and see your mood difference.

If you are experiencing a lot of anxiety, and find it really hard to listen to yourself or know who you are, self-care might help you a lot.

Are you also struggling with this situation and not able to listen to your inner voice?

Let us know in the comment section.


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