8 Surprising Spots That Prove You Can Meditate Anywhere…

8 Surprising Spots That Prove You Can Meditate Anywhere

Surprising Meditation Spots

I am often asked, when is a good time to meditate? My answer is usually anytime.  

After that question comes, where can I meditate? In a similar answer, anywhere.  

However, these answers can be too general. In this article we will cover eight places you can meditate and the benefits of each.

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  1. Shower:  The shower is a great place to meditate for about 5 minutes.  The water provides a calming and soothing feeling.  This place can also provide a little creative element called Sensory Deprivation by closing the eyes and letting the water take away focus on the thoughts.
  2. Airplane or Train:  These two places are great to meditate to help with any travel anxiety.  Breathing techniques such as pranayama breathing are great for lowering the heart rate feeling less anxious.
  3. Outside:  Outside is a great place to meditate because many different elements can take away from the thought process to clear your mind.  Whether it’s a warm sunny day or taking a brisk walk on a fall afternoon,  letting the weather elements and sounds come to you is a great feeling.
  4. Yoga Studio in Shavasana:  I love to meditate during this part of yoga class because it allows you to stay in tune with you body after movement.  You can say an affirmation at this time or a mantra to yourself to take away the jumbled thoughts in the mind.
  5. Steam Room or Sauna:  The heat from the steam and sauna can help shift the mind’s focus to your muscles and relaxing any tight or tense areas in your body.  Breathing techniques are really helpful here to clear sinuses and help breathing patterns.
  6. Desk at Work: Work can be one of the most stressful places.  So taking 10 minutes to meditate and reenergize and refocus the mind can help with problem solving, creativity, and decreasing stress.
  7. Car:  Take some time to meditate before you pull away or once you arrive at your destination to have a clear mind and lower stress levels to remain more focused.
  8. Bed:  The bed is a great to place to meditate however long it takes you to fall asleep.  This can help with a more restful sleep and improve energy levels for the next day.

There are many more times and opportunities that you have to meditate than you think.  Perhaps pick two or three of these places each day and meditate for 10 minutes and notice how the meditation time adds up.  


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