8 Lunch Break Rules That Will Help You Save Energy…

8 Lunch Break Rules That Will Help You Save Energy

Whenever the government talks about a short working day, the millennials are filled with hope. In this crazy fast world, it’s hard to stay energetic and concentrated, when there is no time for lunch, and the workday lasts longer than 8 hours. But with the help of these life-hacks, you will be able to change your eating habits, so as not to eat more snacks than lunch.

8 Rules For Your Lunch Break

1. Breathe slower

The first rule to follow during any meal, and not just at lunch, is to eat more slowly and breathe deeply. Your digestion begins in the mouth, and if you are going to have a bite in 10 minutes with your colleagues, it is likely that you will swallow all the food without thinking. Some nutritionists even claim that you can “chew” your water in advance to produce more saliva and digestive juice.

2. Control the sugar level

High carbohydrate or sugar-filled meal like Big Mac or Snickers may make you think that you feel your stomach, but in the second half of the day, the blood glucose level will certainly fall. Always add a portion of fiber to your lunch, and also eat proteins and healthy fats.

This will help your body to slow down the process of burning calories, and thus save energy until the end of the day. Take greens, berries, redfish or nuts – this set of products is enough to satisfy your hunger.

3. Cook soup

If you have a thermos, you can easily take along a wholesome soup that will effectively give you back all the energy you have spent. Vegetables are full of fiber, both – proteins, and seasonings act as energy additives. It is also easy to heat, and if necessary you can drink it. Also, soup cooked with meat broth is rich in calcium and will strengthen your bones. It can help to avoid shoulder, back, knee, and pelvic pain during office work.

4. Use supplements

Start taking vitamins and healthy supplements not in the mornings, but during the lunch break. Use an organizer for tablets in which you can collect multivitamins, soluble vitamin C, capsules with group B or probiotics. Do not forget about natural supplements, such as superfoods like chia seeds.

5. Do not refuse tea

Take a quality tea with you to work and make sure you always drink it after lunch. Do not forget about healthy supplements – ginger, mint and lemon, and also do not be afraid to experiment with Asian powdered teas. They contain so many phytonutrients that they will help you stay vigorous and collected for a long time.

6. Listen to your body

If you feel that you are almost full, put food aside. A large portion can also deprive you of strength, and if you fill your stomach to the top, it means that you will spend more energy to digest this supply. The body will give all the power to the stomach, and what will be left for your creativity and concentration?

If you do not want to waste food, just put the rest in a bag or a refrigerator and finish the portion at the moment when you need a break and reinforcement.

7. Take a break after eating

Rest and digestion are closely linked, so if you have not found ten minutes to relax a little after a meal – consider that you are wasting energy. It is the digestion of food that absorbs most of your energy reserves, so if you want to stay concentrated until the evening, meditate, walk around the area or think about achieving goals.

8. Look for vitamin D

Of course, you can use capsules to fill the deficit of vitamin D, but if you have the opportunity to work it out naturally, use this method. Go out into the sunlight for a short walk, at the same time breathing fresh air will fill your brain cells.


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