8 Facts On How Yoga Improves Your Sex Life…

8 Facts On How Yoga Improves Your Sex Life

Sex and yoga are often seen as an additional practice because sex is considered the union of two souls. The literal translation of yoga from Sanskrit into English means “union”. This means that both sex and yoga can unite minds, bodies, and spirits. Due to the fact that many people around the world are experiencing the benefits of yoga, many researchers began to study its effects. Modern medicine is increasingly approaching yoga as an option to improve lifestyle. In this article, we gathered eight facts on how yoga improves your sex life.

1. Yoga strengthens your pelvic floor muscles

“Mula-dhara” is the base of the spine, perineum and pelvic floor in yoga. Pelvic floor muscles help increase blood flow to the groin and are engaged in sex. Such yoga poses as Butterfly Pose, Descending Dog, Crow Pose, and Chaturanga Dundasanakan increase core, pelvic floor muscles, and spine strength. This means that when you increase flexibility in this area, it will help you enjoy better sex.

2. Yoga increased flexibility

Most jobs make us sit hours and this is how many people end up getting muscle stiffness and tightness. Certain yoga poses like hip openers increase the range of motion, which significantly strengthens the pelvic area. A flexible pelvic floor can make you feel more comfortable in different positions during sex. If you are fond of experiments in sex, you should know that this also prevents injuries when trying something new.

3. Yoga improves sexual stamina

Yoga can be dynamic and promote high cardiovascular activity that increases stamina in people. Having control over your breathing can help you reach your orgasms. Moreover, raising awareness in the pelvic area can also increase stamina and prolong orgasms in men.

4. Yoga increases sensation

The ability to feel the depth of sensations is the key to enjoying sex. Yoga enhances your sense of awareness and combination with your surroundings. In addition, yoga can help you better understand the sensations in your body that keep both your mind and body in good shape. Ultimately, this can increase tour sensuality during intercourse and help establish a closer relationship with your partner.

5. Yoga makes you more energetic

People tend to experience physical and mental fatigue after returning from work. In addition, we experience a lack of sleep because of stress and a tight schedule. That’s why most people would rather have a rest than enjoy their partner’s company. One of the main goals of yoga is to keep our body and mind fresh and full of energy. This will help you feel more joyful that will lead to a healthy and happy sex life.

6. Yoga helps to cope with the stress

Yoga gives you a sense of peace and satisfaction. If you experience a high level of anxiety, you can try to combine yoga and meditation in order to reduce it. Anxiety is a serious problem for a healthy sexual relationship that significantly can reduce your sex drive.

It is not a secret that yoga perfectly relieves stress. This is achieved by lowering the level of cortisol in the body. Stress can cause different disease and many women can experience pain during sex that interferes with a healthy sex life. Reducing stress will help you live a healthy life.

7. Yoga improves your self-confidence

Yoga makes you physically flexible and strong. However, it also makes you mentally flexible and strong at the same time. Yoga helps find a way to unite with yourself but this can only happen when you know who you are and accept yourself as you are. As a result, people who practice yoga are completely satisfied with their bodies and have high self-esteem. In order to feel comfortable in your skin and be confident in yourself, it is vital to enjoy healthy sex.

8. Yoga can reduce pain during menstruation

If you regularly experience menstrual problems like cramps, post menstrual syndrome and premenstrual syndrome (PMS), you are likely to refuse sex during this time. Fortunately, yoga can help alleviate these monthly problems.

There was a study on 150 women with menstrual problems like spotting, painful cramps, and heavy blood flow. Half of them started to practice yoga. Six months later, those who regularly attended yoga classes showed a decrease in follicle-stimulating hormone, luteinizing hormone and prolactin, which decreases their menstrual symptoms. Even if you don’t suffer from painful periods, you will be more likely to get an orgasm, which also helps relieve pain during menstruation.


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