8 Dangerous Consequences Of Losing Too Much Weight…

8 Dangerous Consequences Of Losing Too Much Weight

Most women worry about their weight and often reduce calorie consumption but they don’t even think about the consequences of such restrictions. Doctors warn that big weight loss negatively affects general health. Improper weight loss in most cases leads to serious health problems. Here are the seven most common and dangerous consequences of constant diets:

1. Low Blood Pressure and Memory Problems

When a person is on a carbohydrate-free diet for more than three weeks, they deprive their brain of energy fuel. As a result, a complete rejection of carbohydrates which are rich in hard wheat, cereals, and brown sugar, causes the weakening of vascular tone and brain tissues begin to starve.

2. Digestion Problems

Diseases such as gastritis and pancreatitis are often exacerbated during prolonged fasting. The fact is that the process of gastric juice excretion in the body doesn’t stop, and since the required amount of food is not consumed, the stomach digests its own mucous membrane.

3. Tooth Erosion

If a person doesn’t consume foods rich in fat or uses medications which reduce body fat, the gums become inflamed, the teeth hurt and tooth enamel collapses. Vitamin D, which is necessary for the human body and responsible for the calcium synthesis and strengthening of the bone tissue, is fat-soluble and can be absorbed only if there’s enough fat tissue in the body. If a human refuses to eat fat-containing cheese, milk and cottage cheese, the body experiences a lack of calcium.

4. Kidney Problems

Kidney problems are often caused by starvation which implies the refusal of food and water. This leads to a sharp deterioration in water and salt balance, which has a detrimental effect on the kidney function.

5. Swelling

The main cause of swelling is a lack of proteins. A necessary amount of proteins prevents body swelling. But in the case of a constant lack of proteins, there is a violation of their absorption into the blood, which leads to such an unpleasant consequence as swelling.

6. Depression

For most people who try to lose weight, food was the most effective way to relax the moment they decided to go on a diet. The stress that a person undergoes during improper weight loss programs has a strong negative effect on her/his psyche. This is a deprivation of one of the main joys of life, which leads to prolonged depression.

7. Gaining Back the Weight

The body is under severe stress when a person quickly loses weight. But as soon as the body stops to react on stress, the appetite increases and the person becomes unable to refuse from food and quickly gains back the lost pounds.

8. Hormonal Imbalance in Women

Adipose tissue is involved in the production of certain hormones, such as progesterone and estrogen. Their level may decrease when there is a lack of fatty tissues, which often leads to menstrual disorders and problems with conception. In addition, the transformation of male androgen hormones into female hormones is carried out in adipose tissues. Fat in the body is needed for the normal function of the reproductive system and procreation.


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