7 Steps To Enhance Your Overall Wellness…

7 Steps To Enhance Your Overall Wellness

Excellent health is a goal for the majority of people, but some daily habits don’t always lead to improved mental and physical health. Wellness has many facets, and it can feel daunting to make the necessary changes to better align your way of life with your health goals. It takes some work and forethought to lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle, but it isn’t as challenging as it may seem to take steps to give your health and happiness a significant boost. To get started, read on for simple, realistic ways to build better habits and start feeling like your healthiest, liveliest self.

1. Get your heart rate up (regularly)

Exercise, whether done in a fasted state in the morning, with an energy-boosting patch you purchased after researching Le-Vel Thrive reviews or completed on your lunch break, is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle. You don’t have to shell out for an expensive gym membership to include regular exercise in your daily routines. Even just taking a walk after work, going to the park with your kids or taking on a few substantial chores around the house can keep you more active.

2. Drink plenty of water

Though you may be drinking liquids throughout the day, it’s important that the majority of your fluid intake is pure water. Other drinks, such as fruit juices, coffee, alcohol, soda and tea, can cause blood sugar spikes or even leave you more dehydrated. Aim for at least 64 ounces of water per day, but in order to stay well-hydrated, experts recommend you drink more depending on your activity level, sex, weight and age.

3. Get enough rest

A good night’s sleep can mean the difference between a productive, happy and lively day and a sluggish, foggy one. Take a second look at your sleep habits and make changes where necessary. Improve your bedtime routine and make sure you’re getting at least seven hours of sleep per night, or your physical and mental health could take a dip.

4. Focus on personal nutrition

When your body is well-nourished, you’re more likely to experience heightened mental clarity, improved mood, fewer illnesses, delayed aging and a better memory. In today’s culture of convenience, it’s more challenging than ever to give your body the nutrients it needs to function well. Good nutrition is as much about the foods you avoid as it is the foods you should pile on your plate. At mealtimes, fill your plate with fruits, vegetables and whole grains before adding other food groups. Try to limit unhealthy snacking, and instead opt for fresh fruit, cut up veggies and whole-food based snacks like nuts, seeds, crackers, dates or trail mix.

5. Maintain your hobbies

A healthy, fulfilled life is incomplete without a good dose of fun and leisure. Your schedule may fill up quickly with things you have to do, but it’s important to carve time for things that you want to do, too. Pick up an old instrument you used to play, finish a novel you’ve always wanted to read or make time for fun outings with good friends.

6. Take care of your space

It can feel difficult to take adequate care of your physical and mental health when your environment is cluttered, messy or disorganized. Your space should be a place of refuge, and if it’s causing you undue stress, it may be time to give it a little TLC. Do a deep clean of your space, focusing on oft-forgotten cleaning tasks and organization. You may also find it helpful to give the place a few new upgrades, such as rearranging your furniture, purchasing a few new candles, adding a new throw pillow or hanging favorite photos on the wall.

7. Be proactive about your mental health

Too often, people wait until they are in desperate need of a rest to take one. Instead of waiting to hit your breaking point, be proactive about the way you approach stress, anxiety, depression and overwhelm. Try to schedule at least one mental health day per month if possible. Additionally, add a few healthy self-care measures to your weekly routine that help you feel calm, grounded, relaxed and unburdened.


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