7 Steps Into The Invisible World Of The Pisces New Moon…

7 Steps Into The Invisible World Of The Pisces New Moon

The boundless energy of Pisces is moving in the background of the seriousness of events that are already playing out in 2020. A year where all that we do has tremendous meaning and influence, Pisces super sensitivity and acute spiritual antennas are undoubtedly unleashing our intuition, our passions, allowing nothing to be in the way of a path of self-expression and self-liberation.

The Spiritual Awakening We Are Waiting for is Naturally Unfolding.

Because Pisces rules the invisible, the hidden and the subtle, we are entering a space of “knowing” and leaving behind “believing”. This means that we are leaving behind the “mental” with the games and self-doubt that come with it, and entering the intuitive, the unconscious, the “gut”, allowing us to enter that hidden part of ourselves that we call the “spiritual”. That very part of ourselves that has been banned from us under false accusations of “heresy” from religion, or “craziness” from science, ridiculed by the masses as “woo-woo” matters, when in fact, it is nothing but our highest form of SELF, our SOUL, our very source essence of connection with Creation and our Creator.

A Vortex of Co-Creation.

The New Moon in Pisces on Sunday, February 23rd, 2020, is an open vortex of co-creation. Use it to tune into the fields of energy that you want to enhance, to empower your life. Ascension, mindfulness, passion, forgiveness, learning curiosity, some of the themes that Pisces opens for us to transform and heal our connection to Source. Be aware that the seeds that you are planting now are going to have great effects in your soul-journey and that your intention is an important contribution to the collective; even if a small percentage of the population will tune into the power of the soul and the heart, it will make a shift and a mark in the way we take back the power of life, related to the way to choose to treat our planet, our animals, and our fellow man.

Healing Justice.

Venus and Aries are creating a Warrior Energy field. It’s the energy that will push you forward with courage, transforming and clearing your path, rebirthing with a resurgence, and fearlessly reclaiming your powers. The more light we have in our heart, the more we shine in the world, the more we are part of the process of transforming this “power-based” society, into a heart balanced society.

No True Strength Comes Without a Fearless Introspection.

Since Pisces is showing us the hidden parts of ourselves, we need to sort through our values, look at them closely, and if they don’t match our spirit anymore, we need to take a stand for new ones to emerge. Once we are clear about our values and are grounded in them, we can take our warrior-ship out into the world.

We need to take a look at any mental and emotional imbalance, at how the power of consumerism is influencing our lifestyle creating economical anxiety, false needs, fake high social standards, that only create unnecessary stress into the path of a rat race.

What Are We Unknowingly Compromising?

Our dreams? Our values? Our time? Our lives? Are old beliefs and dogmas imposing false ideals of success to younger generations suffocating their rights of finding their truths and their paths of contribution? How fascinated are we with the power of status, politics, and conformism.

A New Consciousness Is Entering The Collective.

New structures, new ways of being are forming. Values are changing and making us more mindful. Different modalities of healing are becoming more mainstream; arts, dance, music consciousness, sound healing therapy, animal therapy, animal rescue, meditation, planetary wellbeing, online friendships, are some of the ways we are healing mental and emotional imbalances and.

Sacred Time. Co-Creation Time.

During the New Moon healing hours, find a place to relax, maybe after dancing or meditating, and immerse yourself in the vibrational hug of sound allowing the high frequency of harmonic vibration to transcend you into the very core of the invisible world of the etheric world, where a Divine infusion of Love and Light will regenerate your Soul and your Heart.


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