7 Signs You Are Experiencing An Energetic Upgrade…

7 Signs You Are Experiencing An Energetic Upgrade

Like our cell phones and computers, as humans begin to experience expanded levels of consciousness, we will begin to experience what is known as an energetic upgrade. I also like to refer to the phenomenon as “leveling up,” and it can also be referred to as a dark night of the soul.

Here are 7 signs you are experiencing an energetic upgrade, and here is what you can do when it happens:

1. You are guided to delete or remove things from your life and within your energy field that no longer serve you. It can be hard to discern what is good for you and what is not, and you might be triggered to go back to old habits and patterns that you thought you’d moved past, but trust and believe that this is happening for your own good, growth, and development as a soul.

2. You are guided to focus your energy more intensely than you have before. When you first awaken, you and your energy might be a bit all over the place. You are still learning how to manage and handle new levels of energy that you hadn’t experienced before, and your energy might be a bit out of whack. You will eventually get a hold of it and your energy will be focused on a minimal amount of more positive pursuits with a maximum amount of more positive outcomes.

3. You will be guided to create a more balanced lifestyle for yourself. This includes looking at the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of your life and what will ultimately bring you the most happiness and be the least draining and most empowering in the long run in terms of your energy. I know in my own case, I tend to focus more on the mental and emotional and less on the physical, as an introvert and artist. I have to start focusing more on the real world in my own life.

4. You will seek healing and guidance from new places. This has been part of my awakening journey, which I have been on for the past 7 years or so now. I have sought and received healing from unexpected places, and this will grow and change as you move further along the path.

5. You will have to leave people, places, and things from your past behind. This goes hand in hand with number 1. As you awaken and become more mature, the challenges will become more intense but so will the rewards. The people you come into contact with will help you along your journey and if you want to move forward you will have to make new connections that will better serve you.

6. You will worry less about the outcome and move more towards where your soul and intuition guides you. You will experience new levels of peace, love, and freedom, and lower levels of anxiety.

7. You will experience a deeper connection with God. This one is somewhat self-explanatory. It will be a feeling and knowing more than anything else. You are on a journey of becoming one with the divine, and of knowing that God loves you and wants the best for you.

Keep up the good work. This journey is not an easy one. Drink lots of water, take salt baths, and spend more time in nature. Namaste.


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Emily Heron


Emily is a writer, shamanic healer and intuitive holistic health coach. She has created a series of online courses about…

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