7 Reasons You Have A Right To Take A Break From Family…

7 Reasons You Have A Right To Take A Break From Family

Family, like anything else in life, is not like the movies, no matter how much we may think it is or we want it to be. It’s more than that. It’s dynamic, frustrating, rewarding, but most importantly, complex. No matter what family someone may be a part of, they lie if they say it’s perfect at all times. With that being said, each person needs a break, or at least understand the reasoning behind the initial thought. This isn’t a complete separation, but more so a small distance for a healthier, stronger relationship.

Not everyone agrees on everything

There’s nothing wrong with a disagreement. In fact, it’s much healthier for there to be differences between multiple parties than to agree on everything. It’s safe to create a little distance, to breathe and put one outside of the situation, to not later find a way to agree with them, but in turn, at least understand where their line of thinking is in the conflict.

Not every family issue should be your issue

When it comes to family, there may be negative affairs associated within, long before one entered it, and because one is part of the mix now, does not mean that he should waste energy on something that never concerned him from the start. The depletion of energy is a waste and can be better used elsewhere.

When DNA is used as an excuse

There are several times where a family member may abuse their “DNA right” for mistreatment to another individual in the home, whether that be verbal or physical abuse. No matter the situation, those actions should never get a free pass, even when it occurs in the household. If one wouldn’t allow it from a stranger on the street, why would they allow it in their personal space?

Alone time is key in all family-oriented relationships

DNA does not always make up a family. There are plenty of relationships one may have that occur outside the home, whether that be close friendships or romantic partnerships. Everyone needs a break from all types, whether that be a detox of communication for a couple of days or even a few hours in order center oneself and get back one’s own headspace. It’s a way to ground energy, making it healthier for long-standing relationships.

Following too much in a family’s footsteps

Family can be some of the best influence, but they’re not the only resource for life’s lessons or experiences. For instance, they may be on a completely separate life path, regardless of the same DNA. One may be pursuing medical studies in a small town close to home, whereas the other may have completely ditched her old hometown for skyscrapers and fashion avenue. Neither is wrong, although sometimes it takes the concept of distance to realize it.

Acceptance is a right, but not necessarily given

There are instances in a family setting where acceptance of one another is hard. However, it’s more common than someone may first think, especially when one or two stronger personalities enter the conflict. Everyone has a right to accept themselves, although it’s not always reciprocated by a loved one. When that occurs, a member doesn’t have to stay in that space. It’s healthier for her to move away from them, as she would dull her shine standing next to someone who never fully appreciates it.

Personal growth doesn’t end in the home

Not everything can be learned in the home, and it’s better to bring more to the mix when experiencing new environments, whether that be as simple as a joining a new club or as complex as living halfway around the world. Sometimes not every family will understand your needs in order to grow, but there’s someone out there that will. Family is the beginning to several opportunities, no matter the path they put you on to begin.


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