7 Feng Shui Methods To Cultivate Your Immune Response During Covid-19…

7 Feng Shui Methods To Cultivate Your Immune Response During Covid-19

The imposed isolation due to the Covid-19 pandemic has brought us into an intimate relationship with our spaces. As we cleanse our bodies and eat healthy we can also maximize the energy in our homes to cultivate our immune response.

Wellness is not a defense against outside forces but a cultivation of vital life force that directs our lives. Health is a synergy between mind/body and the Feng Shui conditions in our homes. Our spaces are meant to cradle us in peace, health and wellbeing. Add these Feng Shui tips to reinforce your wellness routine while in quarantine.

Balance your space
The front door represents not only your career but your health, head and helpful people. It’s condition is critical to your overall peace of mind. “Shoes in disarray” means “chaos” in the Chinese language. Keep this area free of clutter. Add three or nine potted plants to increase your oxygen levels, reduce air toxins, minimize your stress and boost your mood.

Often small apartments and condos have narrow entryways. In many scenarios the front door opens to the wall; this design feature is called a “contrary door”. Over time your body may slump and your shoulders round down over your heart and lungs. This compromises your lungs. You may become susceptible to respiratory illnesses. Adjust this feature by hanging a crisp sounding bell on the door knob. This action step stimulates the bodily senses and awakens your Ch’i (energy).

Wherever there is a bathroom vital Ch’i drains from your home. The center of your home is the least desirable because it represents Health. The Wealth gua (far left corner), the Children gua (middle right) and the Helpful People gua (front right corner) are inauspicious placements too. But wherever the bathroom is located place a full length mirror, be sure not cut off your head, on the outside of the bathroom door to reflect what is in front of it. Visualize the bathroom Ch’i “disappearing”.

In the Feng Shui metaphor a door is a mouth and symbolic of a voice. Newer condos are being designed with an “empty door” (a frame without an actual door) between the master bathroom and the master bedroom. However any bedroom door that is missing is an empty door too. This design can potentially lead to the loss of a partner. The worst-case scenario is losing your loved one to an unexpected death. Install a bamboo curtain or a Japanese noren over the door. Bamboo is an ideal adjustment because it symbolizes peace and safety.

The sewage system is an outlet for waste however bacteria can move back through this pathway into your house. Keep your sewage systems clean or ask your landlord to look into this. In the 2003 SARS virus outbreak, scientists discovered that an apartment complex in which the outbreak was rampant the infection spread throughout the sewage and the pipes.

In the classic Hollywood film, Dracula, the vampire was fended off by hanging garlic. It’s possible this folkloric cure came from China where pungent scents have been used for centuries to ward off disease. Hang something in the house that is very strong. Be sure that it is exposed for all to see and smell. Choose one or a few of the following that are the least offensive to your family. For example:
Cloves of garlic
Red pepper
Raw onions
Garlic chives (a pungent Chinese vegetable)
Curry, dill or duren
Orange peel
You can also dice one of these such as the garlic. Put the pieces into bowls and place those into every room of the house. Here the adjustment stimulates your sense of smell. The virus has difficulty living outside the body and these food substances may cleanse the air. It could take only one molecule from the garlic to make a difference.

Harmonize your mind and body
To stay in balance during times of great pressure and challenge, mediate to calm your heart, perform breath work to expand your prana and chant to receive the abundance of the universe. This trinity will help inspire you to stay positive and remain calm.

Blue Medicine Buddha Healing Method
You will need an image of the Blue Medicine Buddha, incense and a lighter.

After your arise, go to your altar, light three sticks of incense. Use a torch or lighter to keep the incense pure of sulfur. Make sure the smoke rises up to Buddha or the Deity of your choice for your prayers to be heard.  Sit quietly.

Place your middle finger on the area of the Blue Medicine Buddha image that relates to the illness. If you are not ill place your middle finger onto the Buddha’s heart. Keep it there. Chant the Medicine Buddha mantra nine times and visualize the light of the 10,000 Buddhas and holy Deities surrounding the Blue Medicine Buddha and the Buddha himself is shining this golden light upon your body. Your body is filled with golden Buddha light. You drink the golden nectar from the Buddha’s vase and eat from the medicine mushroom in his right hand. This revitalizes your life force, removing the obstacles causing the illness. The healing power of this blessing envelopes your body with perfect, radiant health. Employ your powers of visualization and sincerity. You can do this three times a day, but if you cannot, perform it at least once a day.

Medicine Buddha Mantra from the Bon Tradition
Om Na Ma Mir Ta
Yu Drung Red Na
A Mir Ta Drum Dhu

May you remain safe and healthy during this extraordinarily difficult time.


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