60+ Percent Of All People Believe In The Soul…

60+ Percent Of All People Believe In The Soul

Polls show that over 60% of all people believe in the soul… and more than 80% of all people believe in angels. And even some of those who call themselves atheists have had earthly encounters with angels… Amazing!

Here are a Few Statistics

No Matter What Religion People Believe in Angels

Angels are around us all the time and no matter what religion or spiritual persuasion a person has… this has been shown in major polls.

No Matter If They Believe in Anything Spiritual or Not

And no matter if a person believes in Angels or Not… it seems that 20% of those who don’t believe in anything spiritual at all have angelic encounters that change their life.

And Now — More Than 60% of the People Believe in the Afterlife

And now, it seems that more than 60% of all the people in the world believe in a passage into another realm when we leave this corporal body.

55% of All Americans Believe They are Protected by Guardian Angels

Lots of people have amazing encounters with their Guardian Angels… And many have been saved by their Guardian Angels.

69% of all People Believe that Angels and Demons are Active in Their Daily Lives

Yes, that’s right, almost 70% of all the people in the US have some kind of daily encounter with angels who are watching over them.

And a Pew Poll Showed that 92% of All Americans Believe in God

I find it amazing, that in this day and age, where it seems that lots of people might not believe in anything spiritual… the majority of people do believe in God in one form or another.

These are important things to keep in mind.

And always remember your Guardian Angel and talk to him as much as possible.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider


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