6 Yoga Moves That Strengthen Your Body for Birth…

6 Yoga Moves That Strengthen Your Body for Birth

Preparing your body for birth is vital for healthily delivering a baby. Other than a well-balanced diet, physical activity is a key to prepare yourself for birth. As a matter of fact, yoga can be relaxing and calming when done regularly and properly during pregnancy. There are certain yoga moves that ensurea healthy pregnancy outcome when practiced appropriately. It should always be kept in mind that you should avoid performing any yoga pose that causes irritability or restlessness. Hence, asking your doctor is highly advisable before doing any yoga or exercise during pregnancy.

As per researches, here are 6 yoga moves that are found to be strengthening your body for birth:

1. Cat-Cow Pose:

This yoga move gives strength to your core muscles as well as lengthens your spine. It, in fact, is a great pose for every pregnant woman in all three trimesters. This is because it aids instrengthening your tummy with the advancement in pregnancy. Furthermore, this yoga pose improves blood circulation too. Pregnant females can do it for around 4 to 5 times a day to yield the best outcomes.

2. Bound Angle Pose:

Practicing bound angle pose during pregnancy is a fine way of preparing your body for a healthy delivery.This type of yoga poses aid in maintaining an optimal posture. Massaging your calf and foot can also ease the tension of additional weight you are having due to pregnancy.Moreover, it helps in better circulation of blood.

3. Bridge Pose:

This yoga pose is effective in strengthening your hamstrings, core as well as glutes. In addition, it allows you to easily open up your haunches. The best thing about this pose is that you can practice it in every trimester. Nevertheless, do not perform this exercise again if your back feels uncomfortable by doing so.

4. Spiraling Movement:

The yoga move is inclusive of moving your hips as well as your pelvis circularly. Such moves are helpful for massaging the head of the baby inside your womb. In addition, such moves aid in keeping your pelvis moving and calm while easing your ligaments and muscles. You can also use a fitness ball for improved movements.

5. Child’s Pose:

This particular pose allows you to rest to pay heed to deep breathing. Moreover, this position helps in resting while having labor contractions. It is actually a helpful position that makes the female peaceful and ensures the optimal outcome of pregnancy. Females can perform this yoga pose in every trimester.

6. Triangle Pose:

This incredible yoga pose is helpful in strengthening your legs and in improving blood circulation. Proper flow of blood all over the body removes harmful toxins. This pose relaxes, energizes and refreshes you. It can also aid in coping with morning sickness during early pregnancy.

The purpose of yoga during pregnancy is to exclusively keep the body relaxed and to prepare your body for a healthy birth. Nonetheless, don’t do any pose vigorously since it can be upsetting for you and for your baby too.


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