6 Ways To Gain Confidence In Your Life…

6 Ways To Gain Confidence In Your Life

You probably know those people that just ooze confidence, and it’s difficult not to be jealous of them. They walk into a room and just know what to say, they never question whether they’re good at their job, and they can pull off outfits you’ve never dreamed of wearing. How do you get to that place? What does it take?

Confidence is not just an inherent quality. It is possible to work on becoming more confident—and not just fake confident, but genuinely more sure of yourself. Here are a few things you can do to up your confidence and change your life.

1. Believe in Yourself

While it sounds cheesy, believing in yourself is the first, and potentially the most important, step in becoming more confident. The confident people in your life aren’t smarter than you, or funnier than you, or superior to you—they just have a different mindset from you. Confidence is mostly about deciding that you can do anything you set your mind to; it’s about deciding you can run that mile, you can write that article, or you can prove your sales skills at work. So stay positive and believe in yourself, and your confidence will flow.

2. Exercise

Exercise doesn’t necessarily up your confidence by catalyzing weight loss or toning your muscles. Exercising regularly will just make you feel better. It will make your body feel stronger, and you’ll feel motivated to accomplish anything. Plus, exercise releases endorphins and improves overall mood. When you’re happier, your confidence will be naturally higher.

3. Surround Yourself With Positivity

Look around you and consider the friends and family with which you surround yourself. Are they encouraging? Do they build you up? Or are they intimidating and negative, constantly bringing you down? As with humans, a great deal of your confidence will be based upon how you think others view you. Therefore, an important part of building your confidence is making sure you’re surrounded by good people who boost your self esteem whenever they can. When your friends and family provide love and support, constantly telling you, “You can do it!”, your confidence will inevitably climb.

4. Be Proud of Your Achievements

It can be hard to stop and appreciate your accomplishments. As is life, you’re likely always looking toward the next step. However, stopping to acknowledge, appreciate, and be proud of your achievements is an essential step in building your confidence. Keeping a running list of all your accomplishments—the small ones and the big ones—is a critical reminder of how capable you are, and can be used as motivation and a confidence boost as you’re getting ready to complete your next big project.

5. Dress Confidently

The old saying “dress well, test well” is not just a fun rhyme. It’s true; the way you’re dressed is a big determinate of your confidence. Looking good means feeling good, and feeling good means an improved self image and a great deal of extra confidence. So find what you feel most comfortable and attractive in and stick to those outfits, and you’ll feel like you can take on the world.

6. Accept Failure

Being confident does not mean that you’ll never fail. Failure is a part of human life, and letting each failure be a blow to your confidence is an unproductive disservice. Accepting the reality of failure means being kind to yourself when something doesn’t go as planned, and not letting it stop you from achieving your goals. When you fail, instead of deciding you just can’t do it, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, have a friend hype you up, and try again.

It can be difficult to feel confident in your own skin, but it’s not impossible. With small lifestyle changes and larger mindset changes, you’ll find yourself with higher self esteem and more motivation to accomplish your goals. Confidence might just be the key you need to unlock your potential.


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