6 Simple Ways To Let Your Spirit Be Free…

6 Simple Ways To Let Your Spirit Be Free

Embrace Spirituality with These Six Steps

Spirituality is not the same as religion or even religious belief. You can be very spiritual while simultaneously rejecting anything recognizable as religious belief or religious practice.

Also, not all religious believers are necessarily spiritual.

Being spiritual does not mean you have to go to church. In fact, many people who say they are spiritual never go to church.

Then, there are people who believe church is where you find God. Of course, some people do not even believe in God.

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Spiritual, Religious, Atheist, or Connection to Something Greater?

This conversation about spirituality is not about God, nor is it about religion or church. If you do not believe in God or are an atheist, believe it or not, you can still be spiritual.

Spirituality is another one of those areas that can be very personal to people.

Spirituality is just a name given for the connection you have to something higher than yourself.

It can be seen as the connection to your consciousness or essence of your body.

It can also be interpreted as realizing your connection to science. Whatever it looks like for you is fine and perfect.

Love is My Religion, and Nature is My Church

I personally do not go to church or subscribe to any religion or religious belief system. Basically, love is my religion, and nature is my church.

What this means for me is that I see the magic of all creation in everyone and everything.

I relate to people as brothers and sisters. I see animals and plants as living creatures with a soul and consciousness.

I feel the energy of the elements and planetary influences.

How Your Spirit is Connected to Your Health

Regardless of what your beliefs are about spirituality, it is another important aspect of whole body health and wellness. It is a piece of the balance pie that is unfortunately overlooked in modern medicine.

I am going to suggest the same thing to you that I usually recommend to my clients; establish or deepen the connection you have to what works for you spiritually.

This is different for every single person.

Here Are Six Ways to Let Your Spirit be Free (Regardless of Your Beliefs…or Lack Thereof)

  1. If you feel a divine connection to spirit by walking through a forest and talking to trees, when will you start doing that more often? This subtle activity can greatly enhance and deepen the connection to your spirit, which will open you up to a life of radiant health.
  2. If making time daily to read the holy book of your choice and attending weekly services at your place of worship would help deepen your connection to God, what will it take to make that happen more often? For many people, connecting with their holy book daily is very powerful and can influence some major breakthroughs with the things that are the hardest to deal with in life. Also, many people find deep comfort and peace at their place of worship in the company of like-minded people.
  3. If you are inspired by self-exploration, when will you start to explore deeper and more intimate areas of yourself? Don’t be afraid to seek within and find your own answers, because they can help you understand your imbalances. With this knowing, you can really start to connect with your inner peace.
  4. If you pray on a daily basis, would that help bridge the gap between you and God with manifesting your intentions? Prayer can be a very powerful tool for manifesting wonder in your life. If you believe in the power of prayer, I highly recommend taking the time to pray daily. Just remember that you need to take action toward the things you pray about. This will help you to manifest quicker.
  5. If you started a daily meditation practice, how do you see that helping manifest your goals and desires? Meditation (like prayer) can be very powerful at helping you manifest anything you want to create in life. If you know meditation works, I recommend taking at least 10 minutes out of every day to do it. It will make a huge difference.
  6. If you are awe-stricken by the magnificence of science and/or physics, how do you see yourself applying this passion more often in life? If you love science and connect to it with all your heart, when are you going to deepen this connection? There is an infinite amount of information you can learn and apply to your life. The more connected you are to what you know to be true, the more balanced you will become.

Everything is Connected!

No matter what you believe or disbelieve, there is always something you can do to deepen your connection to what works for you spiritually.

Creating and maintaining balance in this area helps immensely with creating balance in all other areas.

Everything is connected!

To learn more about establishing and enhancing the connection of your spirit to your health, I highly recommend reading my book, Transformative Nutrition: The Ultimate Guide to Healthy and Balanced Living.

It is powerfully designed to inspire you in every area of your life (spirituality is just one of many).

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