6 Rules Of Living Fearlessly…

6 Rules Of Living Fearlessly

Live Fearlessly

Fear is incapacitating. It’s grip is strong, and it’s absence is freeing.

If you want to live your life from a place of strength and calmness, follow these steps and watch yourself transform.

1. Remember fear is a feeling.

Fear is completely created in the imagination; it exists for a bit, then eventually leaves. It’s only there to help us get out of impending death quickly (fight or flight). Therefore, you can release it if you so choose.

Try and remember this anytime you’re feeling overwhelmed by situations or circumstances.

2. Meet problems head on.

Feeling fearful can keep us from even acknowledging issues or dealing with problems. Instead to pushing that problem (and hence the fear) away, challenge yourself to confront it.

Think of how you can overcome your obstacles.

3. Practice radical honesty.

Honesty is the key to living a rich life. Get in the habit of being honest with yourself when you’re just playing it safe. I read a quote the other day that said “Great things never came from staying in comfort zones.”I think that’s very true. 

Push yourself.

4. Embrace your vulnerability.

This is a big one, and plays into practicing honesty. Vulnerability is really what most people are afraid of. When all eyes are on you (like if you’re giving a speech), it’s natural to get nervous. This is because you want to control what other people think of you…and when everyone is watching, you can’t.

Being comfortable in vulnerable situations is a way of acknowledging you can’t control what other people think of you. In fact, not everyone will like you. But it doesn’t matter. Knowing you’re human and make mistakes is a big step towards living fearlessly. You have to accept that.

5. Live in the present.

Fearfulness usually revolves around living in the future. You’re afraid of what will happen, and so it’s easy to dwell on.

But living in the present is antithetical to fear. Living in the present gives the mind a chance to relax and fall into a calm state of being.

6. Deep breathing. 

When all else fails, deep breaths help to fight off fear by calming the mind. Take as many as you need to until you feel relaxed…and hold on to that feeling as long as possible.



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