6 Reasons Why Intuitive Eating Works (If You Want To Lose Weight)…

6 Reasons Why Intuitive Eating Works (If You Want To Lose Weight)

1000…1500…2000 calories! STOP!

The story of every person trying to lose weight starts with calorie counting and their weird obsessive love relationship with a weighing scale.

Don’t worry! I ain’t judging. I AM one of you all, well, I WAS. Until I tweaked my mindset towards eating a little bit and everything changed in my life for the best. My relationship with food transformed my physical, psychological, and emotional health in a major way.

What did I do? Nothing really. No diets. No calorie restrictions. I simply started eating INTUITIVELY.

Intuitive eating has not only made my body healthier from the inside out, but I also feel more happy and energetic after eating. I am more physically fit and it is not the main goal but yes I have lost a considerable amount of weight.


  1. I Listen to the needs of my body. If my body wanted salad, you gave it a salad, if it wanted chocolate, I gave it chocolate. The catch is to consume food without labeling the food as “good” or “bad”.
  2. I Do NOT multitask while eating. I strictly advise you to not distract yourself from any activity while eating. Watching TV or reading can lead to binging or overeating since your body is not able to register accurate hunger and satiety cues.
  3. I Eat slowly and take small bites. Eating intuitively requires you to eat slowly and savoring the food. Engage your senses and taste buds, registering its taste, texture, and how the food makes you feel.
  4. I take small portions. Eating smaller portions of food along with slow eating helps your body identify when its full and gives your mind a signal to stop when it’s sufficiently full.
  5. I Do NOT starve myself. Starving or depriving your body of food might lead to impulsive eating. Instead, I try to eat when I feel hungry and approach foods that make me happy.
  6. I avoid emotional eating. Reaching for comfort foods, like chocolate or chips, when you feel angry, bored, or stressed is highly unhealthy. Cope with your emotions instead of using food as an avoidant strategy.

Love and accept your body the way it is. Give it food, listen to its cravings, and engage in physical activity to keep your body fit.


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Divyanshi Garg


Divyanshi Garg is pursuing her Ph.D. in Psychology on Mindfulness. She is also a published researcher, high school psychology teacher,…

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