6 Pretty Places To Do Yoga…

6 Pretty Places To Do Yoga

Yoga can be one of the most calming, restorative exercise routines. From the relaxing breathwork to the flow of the movement, yoga practices are wonderful ways to recenter and give you a sense of balance. While you may be accustomed to yoga within a studio, the practice can be improved and enhanced when you are surrounded by the world’s beauty. If you want to make the most of your yoga practice, here are six beautiful spots that will be sure to elevate the experience.


The presence of water has a calming effect. This is why an eastern caribbean cruise can be the perfect place to take your yoga practice. You can enjoy the experience aboard the ship as you travel to new destinations or take your yoga to the docking locations to experience a brand new destination. Regardless of where you enjoy your yoga practice on your cruise, there are an endless number of possibilities available to you on a trip like this.

On the Water

If you want to challenge yourself, you can even try to take your yoga practice onto the water. Water-based yoga on a board involves a paddleboard or similar floatation device. This modified type of yoga taps into another world of balance and even incorporates some levity. For those who want to shake up their practice and introduce a different element, water yoga is an entirely different experience.


If you want a backdrop that will be sure to take your breath away, consider taking your yoga lakeside. With the quiet sounds of the water lapping, the cool breeze of the lake and the experience of being surrounded by nature, lakes are the perfect place to do yoga. There is a calmness to life by a lake that complements yoga beautifully, the stillness and quiet around you encourage you to tap into yourself and is the perfect time for quiet reflection.


For those who prefer a more robust soundtrack, take your practice to the beach. The roar of the ocean and the softness of sand make this the ideal place for yoga movements. While midday yoga may not be the ideal timing due to the traffic and commotion of other beachgoers, there is no better time for yoga than as the sunrises or as it sets.

This beautiful moment is sure to maximize your experience and take it to a whole new level. You will truly be able to feel the connection to the earth as you experience the beauty of the sun’s cycles through your yoga routine.


For the more adventurous yoga practitioners, scaling a mountain and relaxing with yoga can be a wonderful way to transform your yoga practice. After intense physical exertion like hiking, taking time to slow down through flowing, soft movements and letting your body relax is the best way to make the most of the experience. Not only can you take in the beauty of the mountaintop and its wondrous views, but you can also experience the mountain in a whole new way. Keep in mind, depending on the level of elevation, you may experience a different feeling throughout the practice, so be mindful of feeling lightheaded or unsteady.

Rooftop Deck

If you live in the city, don’t worry, you too can enhance your yoga experience. Rooftop decks are a great way to change up your yoga practice. The fresh air and open space make a big difference in how you experience the practice. Whether you have a roof deck on your house or you visit rooftop yoga events, this is a great way to connect with nature, even when you are in the city. Let your deep breaths of fresh air enhance your movements and give your body energy and strength. You may be surprised at the difference this has on your overall experience.

With yoga, many people confine themselves to the studio, limiting their potential pleasure and experience of the practice. Once you understand the fundamentals and feel comfortable with the movements, taking your practice beyond the confines of the studio can truly transform the experience and you may be surprised at the difference this makes.


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