6 Outdoor Projects To Maximize Your Relaxation Time…

6 Outdoor Projects To Maximize Your Relaxation Time

Imagine a glorious summer afternoon. The sun is out with just a few fluffy clouds floating by in the light breeze. Maybe you have some friends coming over, or perhaps you have plans to just lay about and do nothing. The problem is, your backyard only has an old lawn chair, and the prospect of staying inside on such a gorgeous day is too much to handle. You would much rather be outside enjoying a cool beverage relaxing. If your outdoor space is less than appealing, try one (or more) of these projects to add a much-deserved haven to your backyard.

1. Hammock

One of the easiest and most cost-effective items on this list is a hammock. Picture yourself snoozing away and lazy afternoon, sipping on a cold drink, and watching the clouds. Hammocks come in many styles and sizes to suit your needs. The two most common types are the spreader bar hammock, which is pre-stretched for your comfort, and the non-spreader bar hammock that conforms more to your body. Don’t have trees? No problem. A hammock stand is inexpensive to buy or easy to build if you’re feeling crafty.

2. Pool

Get those pool floaties ready because an inground pool is the ultimate project to maximize your fun and relaxation this summer. How much does an inground pool cost to install? They can be surprisingly affordable depending on your specifications. Designs range from the traditional rectangle to a state-of-the-art lap pool to an ultimate grotto oasis. Your options are only limited by your budget and imagination, but the payoff in enjoyment is well worth it.

3. Library nook

You might not associate the word library with an outdoor living space, but these cozy retreats can be an excellent place to unwind. An easy set could be a pop-up awning with some decorations and fairy lights. Add a comfy chair or chaise and a thrift store bookshelf for your favorite novels. Alternatively, you could go all out and build a pergola complete with ivy, a swing, and built-in weatherproof bookshelves.

4. Fire pit

Who doesn’t love a toasty s’more on a crisp fall evening? A fire pit, either permanent or portable, will light up the evenings with fun and relaxation. Portable fire pits are available as metal basins, decorative iron rings, or even semi-permanent propane-powered fixtures. A quick internet search will provide many examples of permanent pit projects for the DIYer. Share your favorite campfire stories with your friends and family in the comfort of your backyard.

5. Hot tub

Nothing beats the relaxation of soaking in a hot tub after a long day of work or exercise. Jacuzzis are more affordable and accessible than ever and make a superb addition to your outdoor space. You can enjoy many models year-round if you’re willing to brave the few frozen steps of the tub in the winter. Much like swimming pools, hot tubs come in infinite variations and styles, from the single-seater to units that can accommodate up to 15 people. Not only do they provide a great way to relax, but they can add significant value to your home and give you a good return on your investment.

6. Outdoor kitchen

Those who entertain frequently will attest that they spend a lot of time hanging out in the kitchen. It can be easy to miss out on conversation if you are running in and out of the house to the patio grill. Why not bring the party outside with a built-in outdoor kitchen? Outdoor cooking and dining have always been a staple leisure activity. You can also up your game by installing a permanent cooking station complete with a fridge, a bar, and even a TV. If a full kitchen isn’t your style, you could opt for a wood-fired pizza oven.

Projects abound for maximizing your opportunities for relaxation in your outdoor space. Whatever project you choose, remember the end goal: relaxation!


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