6 Outdoor Activities To Promote Mental Healthiness…

6 Outdoor Activities To Promote Mental Healthiness

Preserving mental health should be everyone’s goal, no matter how young or old. It’s never too late to ask for professional help, whether it’s therapy, taking meds or both. Still, for some people, due to various reasons, can’t do any of these so they have to resort to other ways that will make them feel better in their own skin. In case you’re one of these people that don’t need professional help but want to work on your mental health, then you should consider some outdoor activities that will make you feel better:

1. Walking during the night or in the morning

For those who are still struggling to start exercising, just walking in the fresh air can help you regenerate and clear your thoughts. It can especially be beneficial in the late evening, after most of the people are asleep, and there’s no much traffic on the streets. This can be great if you’re usually surrounded by many people, whether your co-workers or family members, because it can help you recollect yourself and enjoy some alone time. Also, in the morning you can do some fast walking, if you’re not ready to start jogging. Just don’t walk down the poorly-lit streets, and always remember to be careful.

2. Running

The obvious choice for all the exercise lovers. Most of the people usually prefer to run in the morning, before going to work, but you can actually run anytime you want. It’s important to get quality sports shoes, comfortable clothes, and some music in your ears to make you feel more motivated. Aside from these, it’s necessary to have good socks and running socks for women by Rockay are a great choice because they’re durable and comfortable. If you feel that running is too difficult, just remember to not give up and just keep running. Your sense of accomplishment will grow which will boost your self-esteem and make you feel better overall.

3. Yoga

Ah, yoga, the queen of the mindful exercise, and for a reason. Its popularity is well-known due to its benefits and the positive effect it has on one’s physical and mental well-being. The good thing is, you can do it your own backyard or a balcony, or if you want some company, you can find a yoga group near you and do it in the park. If you’re a beginner, you should focus solely on yourself and your progress. Never compare yourself with others, instead, try to work on your breathing. There’s nothing better for your mental health than stretching and working on your posture. Yoga can also increase your blood flow, boost immunity, lower blood sugar and overall make you happy. And if you’re happy, then you are mentally okay, too.

4. Pilates

Pilates is usually done in a big room with polished floors, using mats or stability balls for better support. But if you want to spend some time outside, while also exercising, there’s nothing better than pilates. Pilates will strengthen your core which will help you with your flexibility, posture and mobility. You can even go to the park and use benches to do push-ups, planks, standing splits and jumping jacks. Being outside can improve the quality of your exercise and make you tire more quickly, which will make you feel better in return.

5. Tai Chi

If you prefer a calm type of working out, you can choose Tai Chi. There are so many positive effects of this ancient Chinese exercise. Practicing Tai Chi can help you improve your balance, strength and gain more body awareness. Also, it can decrease stress, both physical and mental. Tai Chi is great for those looking to find or regain inner peace. Traditional tai chi should actually be practiced outdoors instead of indoors, since exposure to nature can help you recharge your energy system and your batteries. If you continue to practice it, your mental health will definitely improve.

6. Meditation

Working on your mental health cannot be complete without meditation. This ancient practice will help you learn about mindfulness, reduce stress and control anxiety. Stress and anxiety are 2 biggest mental health issues (aside from depression), so instead of taking medication, it would be great to consider meditating instead. A person cannot be mentally healthy without learning emotional intelligence and meditation is great for that. Also, the first step to personal healing is self-awareness, and if you have no other means to learn about it, try meditation as the first learning resource. It might take you some time to get focused and find a quiet place, but once you get accustomed, meditation will become a part of your daily routine.


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