The 6 Lokas Of Buddhism…

The 6 Lokas Of Buddhism

The Root Cause of Suffering

Emotions are powerful forces that are a part of human being; they’re something that makes us who we are.

However, when we become overwhelmed by our emotions, things become imbalanced…we sorta lose control. It becomes an affliction to enlightenment.

This is why the concept of the 6 Lokas was developed, so that we can go about our lives in a more balanced and graceful way. Transforming and transmuting that negative energy through spiritual acts is probably one of the most important things we can do.

The 6 Lokas

Lokas are simply another way of understanding negative emotions and their harmful effects, but in a certain context.

In the Buddhist tradition, it’s believed that if you don’t transform your negative emotions, they warp your psychological reality; they even continue with you unto death and take you to different realms…some good, some bad.

  • Hell Realm- This is the lowest of all the realms, and the one with the most suffering. The emotions associated with this are guilt, anger, and shame.
  • Ghost Realm- Attachment and greed mark this realm, as this represents the desire for more and more. Ghosts can never be full, resulting in perpetual dissatisfaction.
  • Animal Realm- Animals usually rely mostly on instinct and fear, and are ignorant of the rich complexities of life. Not knowing our true enlightened nature is a similar experience.
  • Human Realm- The most prevalent emotion in the world is considered to be jealousy, and the competition between people. Real satisfaction comes when we realize that we are perfect the way we are.
  • Deity Realm- Pride marks this realm, and prevents us from reaching the highest realm just above. Having a superiority complex or always having to be the best is a surefire way of not finding fulfillment and recognizing that we have everything we need.
  • God Realm- Believe it or not, even this realm is not perfect; it’s in this zone that laziness comes into play. Complacency prevents us from reaching the ultimate state of deep bliss and peace known as Nirvana.


Beyond even all these states or higher consciousness and awareness, there is the supreme state of Nirvana.

Nirvana is the recognition of perfection within ourselves…the realization that we are complete as we are when emptied of all the complexities we think we need.

So the question is: what can you let go of in order to find the life you’ve always wanted?


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