5 Yoga Stretches For Hikers Before Hitting The Trail…

5 Yoga Stretches For Hikers Before Hitting The Trail

In warm weather or the cold ones, stretching creates energetic feelings in your travel. if you are an exercise enthusiast you can never skip your fitness cycle. However, you cannot also carry the heavy gym gear to build muscles. Stretching is a common way to prepare yourself before you hit the next trail. By adding these simple yoga poses into your hiking routine, you can reduce your risk of injury and prevent muscle soreness.

Not only stretches help you with the digestive tract that get disturbed when you reach a new place and eat the new food.

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Standing Forward Fold

Practicing Standing Forward Fold makes your hamstring muscles wake up. The flow of blood increase in the whole body and leg muscles are ready for a long walk to the hill that lies ahead.

Downward Facing Dog

Downward Facing Dog is great for stretching the calves and build the core. The core is important in any task you perform. While hiking you have to deal with the task that requires the core strength. Like your best dog accompanying you stretching its body to new challenges, just follow the same.

Low Lunge

Get set and go! Set your hip flexors to work hard to support every step you take while hiking. Low Lunge is the best way to set them to go. Lower lunges effectively build up the lower legs tight and stiff for more work ahead.

Pyramid Pose

Stretch the arms and legs with pyramid stretching. This pose is great that helps relieve any tightness that can build up while you’re hiking.

Dancer Pose

This pose is great to test your balance and stability. While hiking you always have to make yourself aware of your body balance and flexibility. Dance pose is quick and one of the challenging stretching for gym freaks.


Squats are again the exercise for the lower body. Lower body strength is most essential in trekking and hiking. Legs have to work more than any part. Squats helps with hips and hamstring muscle stretching. But perform it only if you have prior experience. Otherwise, it will leave you in pain. Sudden exercise can backfire on your trip.


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