5 Shocking Ways Yoga Causes You To Lose Weight…

5 Shocking Ways Yoga Causes You To Lose Weight

When we create mindfulness, through a regular yoga practice, we consciously make healthier choices in all areas of our lives.

This means healthier food, body movement, and lifestyle choices.

Yoga supports our mind and spirit in making wellness choices.

The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit word yuj, and means to yoke or bind. Yoga is often interpreted as a method of discipline that brings union (yoking or binding) to body, mind, and spirit. Yoga is the study of the Self.

Yoga gives us tools to improve our lives by stripping away the illusions that block us from connecting with our true self, with others, and with life.

Yoga is a whole food that nourishes body, mind, and soul. Food is sacred to the body; it nourishes and sustains us.

Love is sacred to the mind and heart, nourishing the very part of us that gives to others and back to ourselves. Yoga is the breath of the soul, keeping our life force strong and our 3 parts (body, mind, soul) in harmony and union.

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Yoga makes us stronger in body, mind, and soul.

Getting down to the brass tack: I am an exercise enthusiast.  For many years I was into serious weight training and I felt that I was very strong. When I started to do yoga, I was humbled.  I could not push up into a back bend.  My arms would just not do it.

After a few weeks I had that back bend “thing” down.

Years later I do my reverse push-ups;  push-ups from the back bend pose! The strength I gained was through my whole body, mind, and soul!

Yoga creates an internal current of truth and self-awareness.

Over the years I realized my yoga strength ran deeper than easy back bends and reverse push-ups. My choices around food and other lifestyle habits became more conscious in a health promoting way.

I paid attention to eating with awareness, chewing food well, eating only what I needed, and stopping before I was stuffed.

These habits around food and food choices slipped in the back door; all part of the study of self. All those years of doing yoga transformed the way I interacted with myself and the world around me and I did not even perceive it happening.

Positive things I noticed around food: not needing to fill my plate to the brim or returning to the potluck table for another round of food, being satisfied with enough, passing on the desserts as sweet foods no longer dominated my taste buds, feeling abundance and satisfied with light meals, and reveling in the flavors / colors / textures / and gift that each meal brings.

When we stop the constant chatter inside our heads and still our minds through mindfulness activities, yoga, we tend to make choices that are in alignment with what is best for our health without feeling deprived.

This is because we have learned to live in the present moment and are aligned in body, mind and spirit. That is the awareness that Yoga brings to our being.

A cluttered “chattery” mind and a body that is not aligned in mind, body, and spirit tends to make decisions based upon impulse and cravings without regard to what is best for long term health.

When we quiet our minds, we use our emotions to our advantage. When our minds are busy, our emotions use us.

Yoga changes who we are by returning us to our true selves!

Change is defined as the process of becoming different, substituting one thing for another, biological metamorphosis, and personal development, especially if seen as personally “life-changing”. Consciousness is awareness of one’s own existence and behaviors, inwardly attentive and mindful. Conscious change involves will and deliberateness, altering self in an intentionally conceived manner.

When we discover that something we are doing in our lives no longer serves our higher purpose as a human, conscious change is how we evolve.

When we discover that the lifestyle and food choices we have made, consciously or not, are not reflections of our higher selves, we move to make change.

We realize our bodies are not vibrating at our highest level of health and we seek out ways to change this, to heal our current symptoms and weight issues and prevent lifelong degenerative diseases from interfering with our vibrant quality of life.

Yoga actively supports these conscious changes!

Yoga moves our life force energy in the direction of healing.

Remember that life is always for us!  Life force energy is always moving towards the positive, health and healing. It is humans who tend to go against the grain of nature and turn this flow of energy against ourselves.

If you allow yourself to be in this flow, positive things will just happen, including weight loss or body weight re-balancing (as I like to label it!).

Yoga aligns our bodies, our minds, and our spirits so we make life giving choices. Yoga helps us to become normalized in our eating, to reach a pattern of habits that are normal and healthy for us.  Yoga helps us to walk our path as natural beings, we can make choices that feed and nourish every cell of our being.

When our being is nourished physically, emotionally, and spiritually (mind, body, and soul) everything about our being, including our weight, balances to normal.

We walk the path of our life with balance, strength, and love for ourselves. This is powerful healing medicine.

Yoga is powerful healing medicine!


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