5 Ways To Spread Love

Might you be looking for ways to spread love?

Here are 5 ways to share the uplifting, joyful feeling:

1. Tell someone how much you believe in them

Whether a person’s success, their good fortune, or their personal achievements, there are multiple outcomes that can be influenced by sincere belief in another person’s abilities. If you care that much, tell your loved one or friend how much you believe in them. It won’t fall short of generating positivity and self-confidence in the other.

2. Give a genuine compliment

While being genuine (because people can tell when this is the case), share a compliment. Folks are generally well-receiving of compliments, and this can be a great way to show you’ve noticed their presence.

3. Write a sincere thank you note

Often times we receive a compliment or a gift. How we respond can make a tremendous difference. One way to show love is to write a sincere thank you note. Appreciation can be that meaningful.

4. Reach out to someone who will probably want to hear from you, while being positive

Our pasts may present tried relationships. If you have someone in your past who will probably want to hear from you, try reaching out to them, and, of course, stay positive and show your love when you do. It can bring a wealth of relief, joy and fulfillment.

5. Bring purpose and love to your work

What better way is there than to bring purpose and love to our work? If your job is not ideal, show up with your own generated purpose and love every day. If it is ideal, that’s wonderful. Share your love, and feel it soon reciprocated.

This list is just the beginning of ways to spread love. Hope you’ll find more of your own!

This article by Najma Khorrami was previously published on Gratitude Circle’s website.  

Source/Credit for Photo Above: https://www.theodysseyonline.com/hugs-can-do-lot-for-us


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Najma Khorrami is the Founder of Gratitude Circle, a new social media empowerment app/platform and tech startup. As a writer,…

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