5 Ways To Recharge And Overcome The Midday Slump…

5 Ways To Recharge And Overcome The Midday Slump

What does your 3:00 PM look like? Are you revved up with energy and ready to tackle your final work project of the day? Chances are, you’re trying to ignore the siren song of the snack machine beckoning you with the promise of a quick sugar rush to boost your energy.

You don’t want to pack on unwanted pounds from too much candy, nor do you relish the thought of tossing and turning all night if you seek a caffeine rush from your fifth cup of the day. Instead, use your afternoon break to recharge and overcome the midday slump with the following five techniques.

1. Do a 5-Minute Positivity Meditation

If you moan, “I’m so tired” all afternoon long, you’re feeding your brain a self-fulfilling prophecy. This organ is powerful — even the most impressive feats began as no more than a lowly idea in someone’s mind. Harness this might by training your mental abilities. How? Meditation offers one tool.

The beauty of this practice is that it’s free. If you need help getting started, there are tons of videos on YouTube that cost you only five seconds of ad time to watch.

Type “5-minute meditations for positive energy” into the search bar, and you’ll find a host of options for getting your zen on while still reserving some break time for water-cooler gossip.

2. Take a Walk

Exercise helps boost your energy levels in several ways. It gets your blood flowing, which delivers vital oxygen to your brain cells. It also prompts your body to release endorphins, natural opioid-like substances that make you feel perkier.

Walking is an ideal form of exercise because you can do it even if your office building lacks a fitness center.

Some companies are experimenting with letting employees work while walking on a treadmill for part of the workweek. If you can’t convince HR to spring for such a model, a stroll around the block will do the trick.

3. Have a Healthy Snack

Yes, food can give you energy — but that doesn’t mean reaching for processed chips or sugary candy bars. The right snack delivers vitamins and minerals, as well as filling fiber and protein. You don’t want anything too challenging to digest, either. Try the following nibbles:

• Avocado toast: Don’t criticize this indulgence, please. If you use multigrain bread, you get filling fiber, as well as a healthy dose of vitamin E.

• Veggies with hummus: Broccoli, carrots and cauliflower are all packed with nutrients, and the chickpeas add healthy fats.

• Peanut butter and celery: Unless you are allergic, this snack is high in protein and fiber. It’s also low in carbs if you choose a sugar-free jar — so keto diet fans, rejoice.

4. Get Outdoors

If you work in an office, the glare and hum of fluorescent lights can trigger migraines and leave you feeling headachy and low in energy. However, unless you have a full-blown monster brewing in your skull, natural light will relieve mild symptoms and energize you.

Get outdoors if only for a few minutes. If the weather is unpleasant, try gazing at a picture of a nature scene.

You can also put a cloth cover over the light above your workstation if it hinders your productivity.

5. Chat (Briefly) With a Colleague

Finally, humans aren’t beasts of burden who can go robot-like without a break. They’re social creatures who recharge their batteries by spending time with others.

While you don’t want to interrupt your colleague or hang out at their desk all afternoon, a 5-minute chat can give you a pleasant sense of camaraderie. This emotional boost equates to increased energy — at least enough to make it to the closing bell.

Overcome the Midday Slump With These Tips

If your body and mind start shutting down by 3 p.m., you lose several hours of productive time. Recharge and overcome the midday slump with these five techniques.


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