5 Ways To Improve Your Energy…

5 Ways To Improve Your Energy

Having more energy makes life more enjoyable. You have the physical and emotional bandwidth to do more fun things for yourself and with your friends and family! With more energy, you might have more time and desire to play fetch with your dog, or let your kids stay at the park for ten more minutes or even tag on an extra mile to your running route. More energy typically comes from taking steps to live a healthier life overall, which lends itself naturally to a person living a more energetic life and as a result, a happier life. Here are five ways to improve your energy!

1. Invest in Your Sleep

Sleep is quite possibly the top at the list of things that can give you more energy than you ever thought was imaginable. There are a number of things that can impact your sleep every night, such as needing pregnancy sleep tips, feeling bloated from a large dinner or even not having done enough physical activity during your day. Choosing to invest in your sleep will change your life. Getting the proper amount of uninterrupted deep sleep on a consistent basis will send your energy levels sky high and have you making healthier decisions just because you want to keep the good sleep train going!

2. Eat Healthier Foods

Eating healthier foods consistently will also dramatically help improve your energy everyday. It is a commonly misunderstood and overlooked fact that how we eat affects how we feel physically, mentally and energetically. Thus, eating a larger amount of nutrient dense, clean foods will leave you with more energy than before you sat down for your meal. A good step to take towards this step can be eating along the 80/2 rule, which is trying to eat healthy, Whole Foods 80% of the time and then indulging in cravings and eating more typically unhealthy foods around 20% of the time. Sometimes you need a big salad bowl with chicken and avocado, and sometimes you need a large order of French fries. The key is knowing your body and gut well enough to know which food will give you the energy you need!

3. Focus on Fun Exercise

While super intense exercise, like running an ultra marathon, might leave you drained and in need of rest, spending around twenty or thirty minutes everyday doing some kind of fun movement will actually give you more energy! It seems counter intuitive, but you should try it. Do you secretly love dancing? Try learning a new dance and have the best time perfecting it for the next week. You will thank yourself when you start to feel more happy and healthy and you even look forward to your daily movement.

4. Try Taking Supplements

Supplements are not a cure all item, but they can be a healthy addition to your energetically positive lifestyle. Try figuring out what your body craves, and then you may be able to figure out which nutrients your body tends to be lacking in. Then, invest in a daily supplement of that nutrient, such as Magnesium or Iron, can help your body get what it needs pretty easily which in turn will help you feel more energetic everyday!

5. Take Time for Self Care

In order to have more energy in your life, you have to know when to take a beat and let yourself rest so you can restore that energy. This is where self care comes into play! If you are not a knower and follower of self care, then you should sit down and take some time to think about what activities feel restorative and calming to you. The activity varies from person to person, but knowing when to relax and indulge is key to restoring your energy levels.

Energy is a key aspect to living a healthier and more enjoyable life. Having more energy makes everything in life just that much easier! Life is better in general when you have a higher level of energy, so follow one, any or all of these tips in order to start living a life full of positive energy!


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