5 Ways To Have A More Fulfilling Workout…

5 Ways To Have A More Fulfilling Workout

Leaving a workout feeling unfulfilled is never satisfying. You want to end a workout feeling the rush of endorphins, feeling like you gave it everything you had, feeling stronger and happier than when you went into it. If you end your workout feeling “meh,” what’s even the point of putting in the work in the first place? You deserve to get the most out of your workout, but sometimes it’s difficult to know how to do so. Here are a few easy tips on how to get the sweat you deserve.

1. Fuel Your Body

You’re constantly told not to eat right before a workout to avoid cramps and stomach aches, which, in many ways, is good advice. However, you need to fuel your body with the right foods so that you can use that energy to perform well in your workout; in other words, your body needs to be full of calories so that you have them to burn. Eating carbs 20-30 minutes before a workout is perfect, as carbs are your primary fuel for any high-intensity training. You can also try things like green superfood powder or other supplements that can help give you that extra energy push you need.

2. Drink Water

When you work out, you lose water weight. When you lose too much water weight without replenishing it, your workout can feel harder and it will be more difficult to recover afterward. But you shouldn’t just drink water during your workout; studies show that most people are already dehydrated by the time they get to the gym, which means they aren’t drinking nearly enough water throughout the day. Making sure you drink about one ounce of water per pound of body weight a day can help you power through your workout without feeling completely lifeless.

3. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

You may not realize the impact that a good night’s sleep can have on your exercise game, but you do know how it feels to wake up groggy and sleepy and not wanting to get on the treadmill. More than that, though, poor sleep can lower the number of calories you burn during a workout as well as reduce your body’s ability to regain strength for your next one. Lack of sleep can also lead to over-training without seeing results, which is why you should aim to get seven to nine hours each and every night — even leading up to days you don’t plan to workout.

4. Listen to Music

You know the feeling of getting hyped up by your favorite song, the moment the beat drops and you feel like you can conquer the world. During a workout, this feeling is even more delicious and powerful. Music boosts serotonin and dopamine levels in your body, which means you’ll enjoy your workout more and feel more compelled to push yourself to your limits. What’s more, listening to your favorite relaxation songs as your workout comes to a close can help your blood pressure go back to normal and catalyze your recovery quickly.

5. Try Interval Workouts

Many people shy away from interval workouts, as they’re notoriously difficult and hard to master. However, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is more beneficial for fat loss and cardiovascular health than any other type of workout; you can get more out of a 15-minute HIIT workout than out of a 30-minute steady run. HIIT, however, has built-in rest periods that are essential to reaching the calorie burn you want. Rest as part of a workout might be difficult to wrap your head around, but make sure you don’t skip it.

Working out shouldn’t be a chore. It should be something you do to feel good in your body and awaken your spirit, something you look forward to instead of something you dread. Try out these tips for getting the most out of that 30-minute exercise period each day and see the results you deserve.


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