5 Ways To Feel Better Right Now…

5 Ways To Feel Better Right Now

This is a very unique holiday season. Christmas and New Year gatherings are going to look very different for many of us. There still seems to be a great deal of uncertainty about many things. And understandably, emotions and stress levels are quite high.

Here is a list of five simple, but highly effective activities that you can do anywhere when you are feeling down, anxious, angry, or frustrated that will help you to feel better quickly.

1. Remind yourself that you are safe and well –
Inhale slowly through your nose and say in your mind – I AM SAFE
Exhale completely through your mouth and say in your mind – All IS WELL
Repeat this mantra and pattern of breath multiple times. If you are able to, set a timer for 3-10 minutes, get comfortable, close your eyes, and repeat this mantra and pattern of breath over and over.

2. Feel your feelings – Allow yourself to truly feel your feelings, even if it’s uncomfortable. According to Harvard scientist Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, ninety seconds is all it takes to identify an emotion and allow it to dispel, simply while you notice it. Dr. Bolte Taylor offers that pausing for ninety seconds, and labeling and feeling what you’re feeling compresses that activity in your amygdala.

3. Let it out – Once you’ve identified and felt how you truly feel, release it in writing or orally. When you do so, the thoughts and feelings will no longer have such a hold on your mind and body. Journaling (or even writing in the Notes section of your phone) will allow you to privately organize, further elaborate on, and eventually dispel the negative thoughts. You can also call someone you trust – Someone who will be caring and compassionate but will not commiserate with you.

4. Move your body – According to the Mayo Clinic, “Exercise in almost any form can act as a stress reliever and being active can boost your feel-good endorphins.” So cycle, do some yoga, take a long walk, or do my personal favorite – put on a good song and dance – totally wildly and freely!

5. Tap into the peaceful energy that is inside you and around you by doing the PEACE BEGINS WITH ME meditation -This meditation cultivates wisdom, patience, vitality, communication, and peace. It’s also perfect to do discreetly under the dinner table, while you’re waiting to board your flight at the airport, or as part of your meditation practice.
Touch your thumb to each finger as you inhale through your nose. PEACE (index finger) BEGINS (middle finger) WITH (ring finger) ME (pinky). Repeat as you exhale through your nose. PEACE (index finger) BEGINS (middle finger) WITH (ring finger) ME (pinky). Think of it as a 4-count inhale and exhale. Repeat this cycle for the duration of the meditation.

Then do something that truly brings YOU joy! Paint, read a book, play a game, try a new recipe, spend time with your pet, watch a movie, and no matter what you do, fully allow yourself to be present and enjoy!


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Lisa Cappiello


Lisa is a published author, certified yoga/meditation instructor, and spiritual teacher. Serving New York City for over a decade, Lisa…

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