5 Ways To Enter The Higher Dimensions Of The New Moon In Sagittarius…

5 Ways To Enter The Higher Dimensions Of The New Moon In Sagittarius

After having journeyed into the Scorpio underworld for the past month, it’s now time for you to enter the dreamy space of Sagittarius, as the next New Moon meets a fiery, passionate, light, optimistic, and outgoing Sagittarius on Tuesday, November 26th, 2019.

This New Moon is taking us into an unusually magical fertile territory for manifesting our dreams and hopes. We will have the opportunity to take action in breaking free from an energetic lock that has been there for a long time, presenting us with an opportunity to be self-expressed and liberated.

In the coming month, Sagittarius will keep doing the work that Scorpio started with the help of Mercury retrograde last month; breaking out of dark patterns that come out as you work through your fears and limitations, but with an accented sense of liberation and with an optimistic approach.

This is a Spiritual Time of Transformation and Rest.

The Sagittarius energy is trying to awaken the seeker of truth in you; with these added lenses of wisdom, you can see life more in a philosophical and spiritual way.

Set up a time to regularly connect with your spiritual energy and your higher self. Make it some type of ritual to install a system to focus on you- on your new you- to engage on a mental and emotional journey expressing your authentic and multidimensional self.

This practice will open you up to new emotional support from your family and friends.

With time, you will become more sensitive to the higher frequencies that are working with you to clear your path towards a future that is light, engaging and overall positive.

The perception of your carrier can even get infused with spirituality and rise up to a new level of joy.

Take Time to Clearly Communicate Your Dreams and Beliefs.

To feel meaningful, we need to have a goal, a mission or philosophy that gives our life meaning.

It is also important that you are very clear within yourself (that’s is what the Universe responds to) and take time to visualize and feel the principles you stand for and live in coherence with.

To manifest and make real your vision, anchor your goals and aspirations, ground your energy with positivity and gratitude, and you will start to see your dreams come true.

New love, having fun and being valued.

A new love for life is possible with the passionate wave of Sagittarius. Having fun, laughing more, relaxing more often, will be important factors in the new energy that you are entering. You’ll find yourself smiling and being positively open to situations that previously bothered you, creating a new outlook at life.

Being valued, in your personal and professional relationships, will be an important focal point in your near future. Your connection to money is getting lighter and easier as you become clear about your value.

As you start doing things differently, you can feel some discomfort and go into resistance.

This wave of newness may feel great at the beginning, but may also create some hidden resistance. Resistance creates stress; look into your resistance if you experience stress.

Often we live in resistance, but we actually are not aware of it.

If you want to work on releasing your resistance, this lunar cycle is perfect for you. Go into a self-examination state with this shortlist of symptoms that reveal if you are living in a state of resistance:

* You keep pushing yourself into doing what you don’t want to do.

* You feel guilty because you are having too much fun.

* You need to sleep to recharge, but you eat instead.

* You keep saying YES when you want to say NO.

* You don’t spend time with yourself.

* You don’t want to spend time with yourself.

* Everything else comes first.

* You want to meditate but you don’t make time for it.

* You want to be healthier but you don’t commit to making healthier choices.

If you find this list familiar, don’t worry, the curious and daring energy of Sagittarius will assist you in becoming aware of the rigidity and stiffness that resistance produces and will stir you up into being open to flexibility and engage in new approaches.

Overall, this inner work is calling for adjustment for healing, and your new focus should be to adjust to a new beginning. To receive the new level of energy that is coming in, open your senses, release any stoic attitude that keeps you limited, and understand that even taste preferences may limit you.

Remember to choose kindness, use harmonious words when you talk to yourself, and be kind to others.


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