5 Ways To Become True To Yourself…

5 Ways To Become True To Yourself

“Truth Has its Own Rewards”

Everything in the world is connected to truth, yet many people try to escape the truth. Here are 5 ways we can be truthful with ourselves and others.

1 – Social and Spiritual Imperative to Speak Up. Truth is truth, and many people don’t like the truth. If we see an injustice we have a social and spiritual imperative to speak up and say something and stop what’s going on. Let them be who they are, just say what you need to say… but speaking up takes courage.

2 – Connect with Your Heart. Many times if we don’t speak up we feel terrible inside because we didn’t say anything. Our heart knows the truth and our conscious and unconscious knows the truth. And holding in truth when we know we should say something can make us ill, sad, and depressed.

3 – Listen First and Ponder. Perhaps you’re going to talk about something that’s been going on for years. Most of the people involved will be firmly stanched in their way of behaving and belief. Deep down inside they may have a lot of guilt and shame which in normal because it keeps us from doing something immoral. So listen and speak up… you will meet resistance… that is a given.

4 – Remember – Truth is Not Liked By Many People. Even Jesus when he spoke up about the sellers in the temple… he was not liked at all. So if “you” speak up… you may not be liked. But sometimes in order to be able to look ourselves in the mirror and not look away… we have to say what we have to say. We don’t want to die with lots of regrets of never speaking up.

5 – Most of All — Be True to Thy Own Self. Most of all, it’s very important to be true to ourselves. It’s impossible to have respect for ourselves if we don’t allow ourselves to speak up when things are not right.

Many Blessings to Everyone


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