5 Ways That Joy Is Already In Your Life…

5 Ways That Joy Is Already In Your Life

Have you considered that what you already have in life are sources of joy that you just haven’t realized yet? Here are 5 ways that joy is probably already in your life:

1. You have food to eat.

When we take food for granted, we may not realize how big a source of joy (and of course a necessity) it plays in our lives. Recognizing how much joy (and comfort) that food brings may require our attention before, while or after eating, so why not embrace this biggest of joys if you can? Definitely the fact that we may not go hungry is a big joy to realize.

2. You have loved ones in your life.

Another thing to appreciate and share in the joy is your loved ones’ presence. The fact that you have one or more loved ones in your life is a big deal. Try not to take it for granted.

3. You have the ability to sleep.

Appreciation of sleep is also another joy. When we wake up rested, that is a big treat for our mind and body, enabling us to enjoy and be present in our lives.

4. You have the ability to walk (and hopefully exercise).

Getting outdoors for a walk is a big joy which we should practice regularly in good weather. This ability to walk, feel this autonomy of the body, is a big joy that cannot be taken for granted. Let us realize that walking is so very precious. Exercising is even a notch above that. If we are able, why not take advantage of these active lifestyle joys?

5. You have the ability to feel grateful.

Finally, but definitely not in the least (of what actually is a short list), we have the joy that is felt by acknowledging that which we value in our lives via gratitude. Let us remember how our rationality and reflection together permit us to feel gratitude, and, of course the wonderful sensation that comes with feeling grateful.

Feeling a little bit better about your life? These are the huge things that make our lives satisfactory, without the expensive or extravagant lifestyles that we think we need to have. Let us not forget how precious they really are. Let us regularly acknowledge them so that we stay overjoyed and satisfied often.

Source/Credit for Photo Above: http://richmondooh.org.uk/connecting-nature-can-make-happier/


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