5 Tips For Turning Swimming Into A Moving Meditation…

5 Tips For Turning Swimming Into A Moving Meditation

Swimming is indisputably one of the most effective ways to practice mindfulness. The limited ability to see anything except the line at the pool’s bottom or hear anything apart from the soothing rush of pool water creates a cocooning environment ideal for moving meditation.

You can turn your swimming into a moving meditation by taking it slow, establishing a comfortable breathing pattern and exhaling through your nose. Additionally, you can count your strokes or latch on a particular element.

Read through this guide to get a detailed outline of how you can effectively turn your swimming into a moving meditation.

Here are a few of the tips you can adopt:

  • Take it Slow

One of the best ways to achieve moving meditation through swimming is by taking it slow. As you get into the pool, aim at being fully submerged rather than just letting your laps in the water. Slowly immerse yourself as you focus on your skin’s response to the surrounding water.

Once you are inside the pool, focus on your swimming rhythm. Don’t be in a rush. Ignore that ticking sound from the wall clock or the watch on your wrist!

Take your time and study every stroke you make. You can also create a serene environment by making sure that your pool water temperature is fit for your meditation. By using a solar pool heater, you can endure that you can do your exercises at any given time.

  • Establish a Comfortable Breathing Pattern

If you want to enjoy your meditation sessions in the pool, try and establish a comfortable breathing pattern. If you are a newbie, take time to learn about relaxed breathing with the help of your coach.

Once you’ve established a comfortable pattern, now shift your focus from the stroking rhythm to the newly established breathing rhythm. Take note of the unbroken alterations between your in-breaths and out-breaths and how your body accommodates this rhythm.

As you continue swimming, your mind will shift focus to this rhythm rather than any other issue it’s been focused on during your daily life hustles.

  • Exhale Through Your Nose

Regardless of your swimming style, whether breaststroke or freestyle, exhaling through the nose gives a relaxed feeling. Try and release the air in a slow trickle not only to slow down the whole breathing process but create a pleasing trail of bubbles on the water.

If you can’t exhale through the nose, purse your lips and slowly but narrowly release the air out. As you watch the bubbles form and disappear, you improve the state of your meditative mind.

  • Counting Strokes

Counting may sound childish, but it’s one of the effective ways to achieve moving meditation through swimming. How many strokes do you make from one end of the pool to the other? Are the strokes consistent?

By counting strokes, you give your brain something new and exciting to focus on.

  • Latch on a particular element

Once you have established a happy and comfortable swimming element, you can then latch on to one of the outstanding aspects. For example, you can channel your focus to the trail of bubbles that appear as you exhale, the number of strokes you make or the calming effect of the pool water on your skin.

Like with any other form of meditation, moving meditation has no right or wrong. If you want to achieve more satisfying results from this meditative session, don’t criticize your breathing patterns or strokes. Instead, see yourself as the best for your ability to merge your body and mind perfectly in water.


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