5 Things You’ll Need For Your First Yoga Session…

5 Things You’ll Need For Your First Yoga Session

Yoga can have many benefits for both your body and your mind. Practicing yoga will bring you calm and help you to better focus your mind. It can reduce stress and anxiety, while also helping you get into better shape physically. As you advance in yoga, you will build muscle, gain flexibility and become more aware of your body. You can get started at yoga in your own home or by taking a yoga class. You won’t need much equipment to get started. Here are five items you’ll need to do your first session.

1. A Bag

Whether you intend to do yoga from home or go to a class, it will be very helpful to have a bag to collect all your gear in one spot. A tote bag is a great way to keep all your yoga items together and ready when you need them. Your necessities will be convenient to grab all at once so you can get started on your session quickly. If you’re always on the go, a bag will also make it easy to keep your gear in your car so you’ll always have it when you need it.

2. A Yoga Mat

Yoga involves many different stretches and poses, so you will want a mat that will keep you comfortable and prevent you from slipping and sliding around. You will want to choose a mat that is thick enough to provide some comfort without causing instability. A thinner mat will help to to balance better in difficult poses. A thicker mat can provide cushion for poses that cause your bones to dig into the mat. The mat’s material and texture are also important to consider. Mats are usually made from rubber or vinyl, and the texture will control your traction. If you tend to sweat a lot, more texture will help prevent slipping.

3. A Water Bottle

Staying hydrated during any workout is essential, and yoga is no exception. When you sweat, your body loses fluid and important electrolytes. You can prevent dehydration and its complications by keeping a bottle of water nearby and drinking throughout your workout. There are a variety of types of water bottles you can use, depending on your preference. An insulated reusable bottle can keep your water cold for a long period, helping you feel refreshed. A squeeze bottle makes it easy to take a drink without having to open the bottle. Whatever you choose, make sure you are keeping a source of water near you so that you can work out safely and comfortably.

4. A Yoga Strap or Block

Using a strap or block can help you extend your stretches, while keeping your body properly aligned. They are very useful to beginners who are learning proper form and still trying to build up their flexibility. A block can be used to prop a body part higher, or to lean some weight on to maintain balance. You can utilize a strap to help pull a stretch deeper than you would be able to on your own. As you begin to gain more flexibility, you can use a block or strap to challenge yourself to go further in your stretches.

5. A Towel

Regardless of your fitness level or the type of yoga you choose, it is likely to make you perspire. You will want to have an absorbent towel handy when you do. Drying yourself and your mat as you go will help you to remain comfortable, as well as keep you safer. With a sweaty mat beneath you, you may begin to slip and slide while trying to hold poses, which could lead to injury.

The more prepared you feel during your first yoga session, the more likely you will be to stick with it. Having everything you need will allow you to enjoy your workout and to challenge yourself to go further. Be sure to have these five important items on hand and you’re certain to be more comfortable while you learn to stretch and pose.


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