5 Things You Can Include In A Mindful Morning Routine…

5 Things You Can Include In A Mindful Morning Routine

In recent years, countless blog posts, podcast episodes, and vlogs have recounted morning routines around the world. These morning routines can range from anything like keeping your alarm away from your bed to make you sure don’t hit snooze to jumping into a cold shower to wake yourself up. While these little things can help you with the initial challenge of waking up, especially if you’re not a morning person, there are other things you can do to center yourself and bring a sense of mindfulness to your whole day. Here are 5 things you can include in a mindful morning routine to start your day on a productive note.

Embrace flight mode on your phone

It’s a hard habit to break but looking at your phone straight after you wake up misses a key opportunity you have each morning — the opportunity to get present and enjoy peace and quiet before the chaos of the day starts. To make your health and wellness a priority each morning, leave your phone off or on flight mode until you’re ready to start your working day.


One of the first things your body needs after sleeping overnight is hydration. Before you reach for your favorite caffeinated beverage or a cup of tea, try to drink a liter of water to get hydrated. Getting hydrated first thing in the morning can help you feel more energetic while decreasing your chances of getting dehydrated during the day.


If you’re the kind of person who wakes up feeling overwhelmed and anxious about the day ahead, try meditating for a few minutes each morning. Meditating can help to calm your body’s fight or flight mode and brings your brain back to a relaxed state. This can be as simple as setting a timer for 5 minutes and counting your breath as it flows in and out. You could also try listening to some Tibetan singing bowls, a guided meditation or some calming yoga music while you breathe.

Morning stretches and exercise

Taking a few minutes to do some morning stretches will get your body moving and can help improve your circulation. These stretches don’t have to be too strenuous. Use them as a chance to simply move your body, check-in with how you feel and be gentle with yourself. Some great morning stretches include cat-cow pose, child’s pose and some gentle neck stretches. If you have enough time in the morning, you could also add a workout or gentle walk to get your exercise completed before the day starts.


Journaling is powerful. It can help to bring all the thoughts that can make you feel scattered and anxious to the surface making you feel calm and balanced. Sometimes, however, the trouble with feeling all the benefits of journaling is knowing exactly how to approach it effectively. While there’s no one size, fits all approach to journaling you could start by writing the following in your journal each morning:

• any thoughts or worries in your mind;

• 5 things you’re grateful for; and

• 3 intentions for the day ahead.

Getting into a mindful morning routine will help you start each day with some calm. By doing the 5 things above each morning, you’ll be taking care of your mind, body, and soul setting yourself up for a mindful day and enjoying the peaceful morning hours that each new day brings.


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