5 Things Parents Do, To Raise Good Kids…

5 Things Parents Do, To Raise Good Kids

Parenting strategies will not be effective without the correct and coordinated actions of parents.

Here are five crucial parenting strategies which every parent should follow.

1. Always be a friend

It is vital that you and your child bond as friends – Never say that your child is not a good friend, even when there are conflicts between the two of you. This is a sure-fire way to sabotage your child’s chances of developing a close and meaningful relationship with his/her peers. Your focus should be on building up your relationship with your child, rather than your love for your child.

2. Spend quality time

Parents need to find time to spend with their children – Children do not need your constant attention in order to be well-nourished and happy. Children need their parents’ time to focus on themselves and to develop a sense of self-reliance.

You should never forget that you are the parent – A mother or father has a responsibility to do everything possible to protect the welfare of their child. Do not forget that you are the primary caregiver. Let the adults take care of the child.

Your child needs you – You know it, your child knows it, and so does the whole world. For some reason, children always seem to feel a stronger bond with their parents who raised them than with those who did not. Therefore, let your child know that he/she depends on you.

3. Assign tasks

It is essential that you let your child help you with tasks you normally do – The process of parenting often requires parents to be solely responsible for taking care of their children. Most children would want to help you out if they could.

Your child wants to be part of your routine and part of your life. Show your child that you understand him/her and love him/her and let him/her see that you are always around for him/her. It is also important that you praise your child for good behavior.

4. Providing emotional support

Your child needs and appreciates your loving support – Whenever you are feeling down in the dumps, remember that your child understands your moods better than you know yourself. When your child is emotionally affected by your sadness, this helps him/her to understand what you are going through. Your child will also appreciate your love and care.

You should always respect your children’s wishes – Parents are entitled to be heard when it comes to their children. If your child tells you that he/she is not ready to start lessons, talk things over with your child and make sure that you clearly communicate your feelings to your child. Some children become frustrated with parents who try to force them to start school at a young age.

5. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Your child’s health is more important than yours – Every parent loves his/her child and it is of extreme importance that you encourage a healthy lifestyle. Allow your child to work out and maintain an active lifestyle to help him/her gain good health. You may also consider buying your child a gym membership if you have the funds.


Even with the best parenting techniques in the world, it is impossible to create perfect children. However, parents can help their children to avoid bad habits and avoid certain negative behaviors like social anxiety and being withdrawn.

These tips will give you a good framework on how to be a good parent and raising good kids. It is also important to keep in mind that these tips are just suggestions and are not set in stone.


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