5 Terrible Excuses To Not Meditate…

5 Terrible Excuses To Not Meditate

Everyone can Meditate

Meditation is the newest buzzword in the west, and is certainly gaining traction with all types of people.

From CEOs, to spiritual seekers, scientists, and everyone in between, is seems like everyone is hopping on the meditation bandwagon.

But with all this excitement and endorsement, it’s still not uncommon for people to claim they can’t- or won’t- try meditation.

But with all the praise it gets, why is it that people are still hesitant to adopt this beneficial practice?

The answer, as you’ll see, is that they don’t really have a reason.

Here’s 5 common excuses I hear all the time, and why they don’t always add up.

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1. I’m Too Busy

Feeling overwhelmed is a totally normal part of life, especially in our busy western culture.

Things can seem pretty hectic.

But there’s no reason why you don’t have 10 minutes in the morning or evening to sit down and meditate.

Think about this: do you have time to watch TV? Facebook? YouTube?

Then you have time to meditate!

Just 10 minutes is all you need. It’s really so easy, if you think about it.

2. I Can’t Sit Still

I’ve heard lots of excuses why people wont meditate, but this is probably one of my favorites.

The excuse “I can’t sit still, so I can’t meditate” is sorta like saying “I’m too thirsty to drink water.”

You meditate to improve your ability to be still!

No one starts off with the ability to be an expert in a new discipline. But they do it because they either want to or need to.

And if your mind is so jumpy that you have trouble being still, then remember, you’re doing exactly what you need to be doing!

3. It’s Woo Woo

Some people are really not into the spiritual side of meditation, and that’s ok.

It’s not necessary to jump into that if you don’t want to.

There are plenty of meditation techniques that don’t require you to pray or worship any deity.

Besides, some people would say one of the most spiritual things a person can do is calm the mind and learn how to connect with inner silence- and that is completely beyond any religion or belief system.

4. I Survived without it- so Why do I Need It?

This is like a plea of ignorance!

And contrary to the popular saying, ignorance isn’t bliss.

Feeling happier, centered, and more control of yourself- and therefore your life- is a form of bliss, and that can easily come from meditation.

If you give meditation a serious attempt, I promise you’ll start to feel changes in your demeanor.

Before you know it, you’ll start to see how everyone, including yourself, feels better about being around you.

5. It Sounds Boring!

“It sounds boring” is usually code for “I’d rather be getting entertained”.

And sure, entertainment is certainly an easier and faster way to seemingly unwind after a long day…but it’s no where near as effective as meditation.

Besides, when you’re entertained, most of the time your brain is almost switched off. You’re just sitting there.

But when you meditate, you’re actually using your brain in a way that is both simultaneously stimulating and relaxing at the same time.

You’re rewiring the brain’s pathways and improving your ability to think; it literally expands your awareness.

When this happens, everything in your life has the potential to improve- which is hard to say after binge watching a show on Netflix.

Any other excuses you got? Post below and I’ll be happy to help 😉


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