5 Signs It’s Time For An Energetic Cleanse, And How To Do It…

5 Signs It’s Time For An Energetic Cleanse, And How To Do It

We all have times in our life that we seem to be overwhelmed with negative thoughts and feelings. Unfortunately, these can cripple our emotional and physical wellbeing. Your emotional and physical health are entirely dependent on the way you think. So, if you find yourself in a constant negative rut, then your mind and body will be in this same rut until you get the motivation to fix it.

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1. You Always Want to be Alone

If you constantly seek solitude, it could be an indication that you need to detox some negativity. It’s really important that you enjoy your time with people you love; friends and family can make or break your happiness. Isolation can be great sometimes, but if you’re constantly seeking, it can be a sign that you’re not dealing with something.

2. Hard On Others, and Especially Yourself

If you find yourself constantly making negative remarks on yourself and others, then this is an indication that you need to detox the negative feelings from yourself. We’re all human, and we all feel the exact same emotions. There is no need for you to be constantly finding flaws in yourself or the rest of the world. Love yourself and learn to love others for who they are.

3. Being With Others Is Exhausting

If you become way too exhausted just from interacting with others or just by being in public in general, then it is time for you to have a detox of all your negative feelings. You may feel exhausted from trying to understand what everyone is trying to tell you or give you, but you must also realize they are only doing this so they can get to know you better as a person. It is not because they wish to exhaust you but rather to understand you.

4. Always Anxious/Depressed

This is one of the more major indications that you need to detox all the negativity from your body and spirit: if you are constantly feeling anxious or depressed, you must really look deep within yourself to find what true happiness means to you.

5. Constantly Angry

If you find yourself in an endless spiral of anger, then this is the chance for you to tame your temper and make a detox of all the negative things happening in your life. By being angry, you let yourself be distant, without answers, and tend on doing more harm than good. This is a pretty big indication of someone needing an energetic detox. It can be easier said than done, but the more determined you are to repair what has been broken, the easier it will be to seek help from others who want you to do the same. Let yourself be vulnerable, take everyday in strides, and do your best to find out what happiness means to you.

4 Simple Ways to Overcome Negativity

Here are a few powerful and easy ways you can overcome these awful attitudes!

  1. Meditate- Meditation is one of the most powerful ways to lift your mood…permanently. It changes the way you think, feel, and behave, and it’s been proven by science.
  2. Yoga- The combination of deep breathing, moving, and being in the moment can all give a practitioner a tremendous boost in mood.
  3. Eat Healthy- Believe it or not, eating better has a direct relationship with your energy and overall disposition.
  4. Use Energy Boosters- Things like gemstones, crystals, and energy healing techniques such as Reiki can also have a lasting impact on your mood, just like meditation. Just remember to hold any energy jewerly close to the skin!
  5. Change Your Home- Make your home inviting, and use soft natural light and natural fixtures to bring in an element of soothing sensations. Himalayan Salt Lamps are wonderful for this!


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