5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Follow An Ayurvedic Wellness Plan…

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Follow An Ayurvedic Wellness Plan

Now considered a top wellness trend in the USA, this 5,000 year-old trend is tried and true and here for you. Ayurveda is a whole-person healing system customized to the individual. As opposed to treating issues at the surface, Ayurveda works to restore health and wellbeing by identifying and addressing the root causes of imbalance. But Ayurveda isn’t for everyone. In this article, we will explore 5 reasons you *shouldn’t* follow an Ayurvedic wellness plan.

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Reason #1: You don’t mind high co-pays

The average cost of healthcare per person in the United States is $11,582. This cost includes insurance premiums, co-pays (which range from $15 to $150+ per visit), and emergency care.

Because the US doesn’t have a single nationwide system of health insurance, the cost of care is often unregulated and set up as a for-profit venture. As a result, there is no incentive to keep people healthy — instead, the system is set up to keep people dependent on pharmaceutical drugs. Unlike Western medicine, Ayurveda treats the whole person — not just the symptom(s). Through food as medicine, herbal treatments, and lifestyle changes, Ayurveda rebalances the body and mind so optimal health and well-being can be established and maintained.

However, if you don’t mind high co-pays and have no health concerns, then Ayurveda may not be the best choice.

Reason #2: You don’t enjoy feeling energized

Ah, energy! It’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it? When we feel energized, it’s like we can conquer the world (or at least our to-do list and personal goals!). Unfortunately, a recent survey found U.S. adults feel lethargic at least three times a week. This means for almost half (or more) of the week, Americans aren’t as productive, happy, focused, or mentally sound as they could be. So, what gives? In addition to being sleep-deprived, 46% of the US population is nutrient deficient. Without proper nutrition, the brain and other organs can’t function at optimal levels. Over time, this leads to various conditions, including anxiety, depression, illness, and disease.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way — Ayurveda can help (unless you don’t enjoy feeling energized!). Through customized nutrition programs created for YOU and not the masses, you can boost your energy levels and say goodbye to lethargy!

Reason #3: You want dry skin and nails

Have you ever heard the phrase, “The outside matches the inside?” According to Ayurveda, this means your outer appearance is a reflection of your internal state of health. When you have dry hair, skin, nails, or other external tissue issues, it’s often because something is imbalanced within. Survey your own nails and skin right now. Are they dry? Dull? Brittle? If they are, this means your insides are also dry at a cellular level. Unless you want dry skin and nails (and I’m assuming you don’t), Ayurveda can help nourish your insides so the outside looks vibrant and healthy. From cleansing teas to herbal treatments, stress-reducing techniques, and food as medicine, Ayurveda will restore internal and external balance in your body.

Reason #4: You aren’t ready to reduce your stress

From time to time we all experience stress in our lives. Whether due to a job, relationship, family concern, bodily trauma, or something else, when we feel stressed, life can seem overwhelming. And if you’re feeling stressed right now, you aren’t alone. Seventy percent of Americans report feeling stressed seven days a week — 70%!  While stress is okay and natural occasionally, long-term stress puts you at increased risk of health issues, including heart disease, heart attack, weight gain, digestive problems, depression, memory and concentration impairment, and more. Through meditation, yoga, specialized breathing techniques, oil therapy, and dinacharya, Ayurveda helps people reduce stress and regain personal balance.

Reason #5: You welcome toxins into your body

On average, women consume 158 chemicals a day, and men consume 85. These toxins are absorbed via food consumption, the air, and personal products used on the skin (like lotion, deodorant, perfume, etc.). The body is a smart, self-cleaning machine — but it has limits. When your body isn’t fed properly, your organs, such as your kidneys and colon, can’t function properly. As a result, toxins build up in your system are a leading cause of poor immunity and diseases like cancer. As opposed to pesticide-rich foods that contain chemicals and other additives, Ayurveda encourages natural, whole foods that promote health and well-being. As a result, your body can naturally rid itself of toxins that are unavoidable (like polluted air).


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