5 Powerful Steps To Start Overcoming Your Depression…

5 Powerful Steps To Start Overcoming Your Depression

1. Depression is a result of unrealistic expectations that your life should be one way but it is not. For example, “I should be making more money by now,” “I should be doing what I studied in college,” “I should have been a mother by now, etc.”

• List all the expectations that you have for your life that you are just not meeting.

2. Look at each unrealistic expectation and ask and answer this question honestly, “Are these expectations mine or someone else’s dreams and/or wishes for me?”

3. If they are not yours, then write down who’s values your are attempting to live? Remember, they can be expectations placed on you by society at large, religions, your culture, your family, your friends etc. Write them down.

4. Answer this question: After each unrealistic expectation, “What are the drawbacks to me to attempt to live this value that is not mine?” Really get clear on this one. Write them down. Answer this question as many times until you start to feel really free of this unrealistic expectation.

5. And then, give these unrealistic expectations back to whomever they came from. And do whatever ritual you wish to do. Make it special and really give them back their dreams and expectations because they are not truly yours and you won’t be successful at all in trying to fulfill them.


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