5 Mindful Work Out Routines That Are Bearable For Beginners…

5 Mindful Work Out Routines That Are Bearable For Beginners

It happens for a lot of people that they find themselves in the situation where they have done a lot of mental work, juggling various ideas, and using your creativity to find a variety of solutions, but they have neglected to work on their body in the meantime. Are you one of those people, and are thinking about finally making a change?

Then you should know that there is a wide variety work out routines and sports that are quite well-suited for beginners. You don’t have to aim at becoming a pro. You can start with a recreational sport which will do your body some good, while also being mindful of yourself and your surroundings. Here are 5 sports that are neat for beginners like you.

Fishing or angling

The great thing about angling is that you can do it during any time of the year. While it’s a fact that you will see a lot more men getting into this sport, it’s a fact that there is a growing interest in fishing among women too. Basically, it’s a sport that can be enjoyed no matter how old you are, and people love it because it gets them away from all that chaos that urban life means. In other words, it opens up a lot of space for focusing on yourself and the nature around you.

Some people watch fishing videos and think “This ought to be easy”, but the truth is that it’s actually quite a challenging sport. You need to sharpen both your skill and intuition in order to truly make a good catch. There are also angling competitions, which you can join to prove your skill.


If you don’t feel like dancing with a partner, you can focus on your body, moves, and skills on your own, by taking up a solo dancing class. Of course, having a friend around is always a good mental safety net if you feel insecure about giving it a go. The perfect way to start is to go for a combo of lessons and simply going out to dance events, whenever you come across one.

In order to further take up dancing as a sport or a hobby, you should look for groups of enthusiastic dancers who visit workshops and run practice sessions. There are a lot of such groups focused on a variety of dances, such as tango, salsa, swing, and so on.


Cycling is the perfect recreational sport both for working out and being mindful of your body and the world that rushes past you as you push those pedals and enjoy the wind in your face. You can be a lone biker and visit locations that you always wanted, or you can join tours and races and enjoy this sport with others.

Cycling is not only a great solution in terms of not really having to be 100% fit, but it is environment-friendly, and a fun hobby if you’re into equipping your bike with modern equipment and gadgets. It is easy to start, because you don’t need any strength for cycling just a quality bicycle which you can find in any online bike store around the world.

Indoor bouldering

If you want to try out rock climbing, but do it the easy way, the indoor bouldering is just the sport for you. It’s another sport where you can focus on yourself, as you don’t need a partner or ropes. You won’t go very high, and the whole challenge is to follow the given route without slipping. Once you become comfortable with it, you can decide to try out other kinds of climbing.


In the end, there is always running, as a simple but great work out that can help you start shaping your body, and be mindful of your movement and surroundings. It’s an inexpensive sport, that you can do almost anywhere you like. Furthermore, you can make use of an app to track your progress, or any other gadget that is out on the market.

In summation

If you are a beginner at sports, don’t fret, as there is a variety of work out routines that you can take up without the need to be 100% fit and a pro. Furthermore, while you take up these activities, you can be mindful about you, your body, and the world that surrounds you, which is the perfect way to relieve stress and escape your everyday routines. So, get out there, and have some fun!


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