5 Fun Self Care Activities While Stuck at Home…

5 Fun Self Care Activities While Stuck at Home

If you are not sick of being stuck at home, you are truly one of a kind. It has been a year like no other and many of us are starting to get used to this new life yet few of us actually enjoy it. While some of us started the lock down period motivated to finally have the time to do all the things we wanted to do, like bake bread and take up running, others have had a harder time adjusting.

Either way, it’s been over a year and being honest I have to admit I have almost forgotten what it is like to vacation, which was the only time I really took to relax. It’s been a journey, finding ways to feel refreshed and energized while being stuck in the same space surrounded by your usual habits and routines so here are some ideas I have tried out and found really helpful:

1) Build a fort and watch a movie in it.
Don’t be lazy. Just do it. It can be a simple blanket hanging over you on the couch. Create an intimate setting within your small world. It will help you create a new scenery and feel like a mini movie theater.

2) Niksen – The dutch fine art of doing nothing.
Grab a cup of tea or coffee and sit looking out of the window for 3 minutes. Set a timer and then step away from it. That’s it. Doing nothing gives your mind the time and the space to reset.

3) Give Yourself Some Love.
Each time you pass a mirror – and you are at home so I know you will for sure, give yourself a compliment. Make sure to include your whole body. I watched a girl on TikTok (yes I am a millennial, so sue me) that said her secret to her photogenic success is that she just tells herself that she is pretty and that makes her beautiful. Give it a go. What have you got to lose?

4) Dress Up for Dinner
Even if you are home, and no one is there, just for one night dress up for dinner. You don’t have to go full out, just get out of those comfy pants and put on a nice shirt. Or at least, put on some earrings. It’s to add a feeling of the meal being a little more important than usual. We dress nice for ourselves, so we feel good about the way we present ourselves, so why not do it for a dinner at home too?

5) Solo Karaoke
The best part about karaoke is never listening to others sing, but having the opportunity for us highly untalented people to sing out loud to a song we should never be singing to in the first place. I dare you to sing along out loud fully to one entire song. You can do it in the shower, while washing the dishes, while cooking, wherever it fits, for those 3min (or you know 8min if its bohemian rhapsody) to sing as loud and as passionate as you can. Whatever feeling you are going for, be it heartbreak or happiness, live it out and embrace it.

Life is short. And sure, being limited to what you can and cannot do is not very exciting. But heck, it doesn’t mean life cannot be lived to the fullest. You deserve a life you enjoy.


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