5 Essential Oils For Your Spiritual Journey…

5 Essential Oils For Your Spiritual Journey

I am an essential oil fanatic. Essential oils have helped to heal my family from numerous ailments, but what I didn’t know is that essential oils could also help my spiritual journey. Essential oils have come a long way in the last twenty years. People are learning about the wonderful therapeutic properties of oils for healing many ailments, and also cleansing the soul. Most medicines on the market today are chemical copies of plants and herbs that essential oils are made from. Essential oils can also release chemicals in our brains to produce responses in our bodies that correlate to our needs. That means we can use essential oils to help us to lead happier, healthier lives and do it drug and chemical free.

Essential oils can help you in the areas of:

  1. Purification
  2. Harmony
  3. Love
  4. Prayer
  5. Patience

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1.  Purification for my soul

Before meditating, praying, doing yoga, or any number of soul expanding practices, I like to purify myself. Getting rid of all the negative energy in and around me opens my soul and paves the way to receiving all the Universe has to give. Purifying oneself is easier than you may think. Bathing in an essential oil specifically for purifying your soul is fun, satisfying, and enriching. These essential oils have long been known to prepare one for embarking on any spiritual quest: Angelica, ylang-ylang, peppermint, lavender, and cedarwood. You can use them in diffusers, powders, rubs, baths, inhalers or any variety of methods to get the properties into your system. One I especially like to use is the bath recipe.

Positive Purity Bath

5 – drops peppermint

5 – drops ylang-ylang

5 – drops lavender

1 – tablespoon milk

Add the essential oils to the bath water as it is running. Ensure that the water is not too hot, as to dissipate the oils. Add a tablespoon of milk to ensure that the oils are dispersed throughout the water and will not adhere directly to your skin. Milk works wonders in this way. Soak and meditate in the bath while thinking positive thoughts. When you are done with your bath, your soul and body will be pure and ready to embark on your spiritual journey. You can now face that soul expanding practice with positivity coming out of every pore.

This bath is the perfect way to begin any spiritual quest.

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2. Harmony in the Air

When things are not going the best in your home due to arguing, depression, and negative influences, then diffusing essential oils is the perfect way to lift the spirits and bring harmony to yourself and those around you. Several essential oils that impart harmony include: Frankincense, lavender, Roman chamomile, palmarosa and sandalwood.

There are a variety of recipes that you can use to bring harmony between yourself and a spouse, co-worker, friend, or just to your household in general. One of the ones I like best is the diffuser, as it can affect everyone within smelling distance, and they have no idea that you’re working wonders on their soul.

Harmony diffuser

Choose the essential oil you would like to use from the list above and run it in your diffuser according to your diffuser directions. Run the diffuser for several hours until your home is bathed in a pleasant aroma. You will find that peace and harmony will rule in your household. You may use different oils until you find the one that works best for you. I have found that all of these oils work very well for myself and my family.

3.  Give Love a Chance

Love is something we all desire, crave, and need. After all, love makes the world go round! Finding and holding onto love is one of the great mysteries of the world. Essential oils have a long history of helping those who desire love. These essential oils are reputed to not only bring love into our lives, but to help us keep it once we have it: rose, jasmine, frankincense, cardamom, basil and peppermint.

The spray in this recipe has been used by many of my friends and family to help them in their quest for love for many years. I still find myself preparing this spray and using it in my home, even after thirty years of happy marriage.

Romantic Spray

6 – drops rose

5 – drops jasmine

3 – drops cardamom

3 – drops basil

4 – ounces water

Combine the water and the oils into a spray bottle. Shake well before each use. Spray yourself, your car, your office, or wherever you think you may encounter the person that you love. This recipe has been known to open the soul and the mind to love and thoughts of romance.

4. Meaningful Prayer

Praying is a very powerful tool for me. I love to immerse myself in prayer, meditation, chanting, and many other avenues I use to connect with my higher power. I feel that when I use essential oils they allow me to be more honest with myself, thereby opening my heart during my spiritual communing with God and the Universe. A few of the oils I use to get this awakening of the soul are: fennel, myrrh, sandalwood, frankincense and angelica.

O’ Hear Me Inhale

1 – drop myrrh

1 – drop sandalwood

Combine the drops of essential oils onto a handkerchief or place into an inhaler. Before prayer or meditation, take a few breaths to inhale the aroma of these two essential oils. You will instantly feel calmer, more focused, and ready to communicate your desires and your gratitude during your prayers and rituals.

5. Patience is the Greatest Virtue

I don’t care who you are…you can always use more patience. In this world we live in today, where there is not enough time to do all we have to do, patience is indeed a virtue. Learning to calm down, enjoy the present moment, and breathe is a hard lesson to learn. But there are essential oils that are derived from plants that have been used for thousands of years to bring patience to ourselves. Some of these oils include: bergamot, geranium, neroli and vetiver. I love these oils, not only for their healing and therapeutic properties, but also because of their delightful aromas. Believe me, not all essential oils smell good, but these sure do!

I Am In the Present Spritzer

6 – drops neroli

6 – drops bergamot

4 – drops geranium

2 – ounces water

Combine the oils and the water into a small spray bottle. Shake and spritz anywhere you like. I often spritz my hair and my room when I am feeling frazzled and overwhelmed. This spritz has a very soothing, calming, and focusing blend of essential oils. The next time you need to have a little patience, try this to bring you back to Earth.


You can be your own judge about what oils you like best and how you would like to purchase them. Just experiment and enjoy. There are very few hard and fast rules to using essential oils. There are even home-based markets out today that sell essential oils in home-delivered catalogs and parties. Find what works best for you and experiment with those oils each day.

Be sure to read all warnings and perform patch tests to assure you are not allergic to the oils. The five recipes I have here will help you to balance out your life and live it to the fullest. I find that a day without using my essential oils is a day that I have not expanded or opened my horizons to the fullest. Hopefully, you will learn to love these little liquid treasures and open your heart and soul to receive that which the entire Universe has to offer. much healing to you!


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