5 Easy Ways To Make Sustainable Fashion Your Clothing Choice…

5 Easy Ways To Make Sustainable Fashion Your Clothing Choice

In the recent few years, we have seen a tremendous shift in the fashion industry. More and more people are heading towards sustainable fashion clothing. As a result, hundreds of fashion and clothing companies to become more transparent while their production processes.

By choosing sustainable fashion clothes, you’ll not just benefit the environment, but also prove that your loyal to yourself and takes care of your body., which will explain in the article later.

1. Always buy from trusted brands

The first and foremost step we need to take is to buy only from trusted, authentic, and real sustainable fashion brands that promote sustainability. Along with that, you can also check their employees, how they’re working and what’s the environment is there. Many brands claim to promote sustainable fashion clothes, but in reality, they don’t. They don’t even respect their employee’s and exploiting doesn’t necessarily count in promoting sustainable clothing.

2. Always buy clothes that be can be used for a long time:

Another thing you can do to take a step further in sustainable fashion clothing is to buy timeless clothes. If you aren’t familiar with timeless clothes, they are those clothes that can be worn at any time, at any occasion. Having these types of stable clothes in your wardrobe means it’s easy to stop the urge or buy the fast and expensive fashion items that we mostly saw in ads or social media.

3. Don’t wear clothes that contain plastic

You might be thinking, my clothes contain plastic? Yes, they do. This is why we should choose linen, cotton, or wool clothes. Why? Because they’re made out of just one fabric and don’t contain any harmful chemicals and it’s a lot easier to recycle them. According to research by Vox, 60% of all the clothes (globally) are made of plastic or have plastic substances in them. They contain nylon, acrylic, polyester, and other synthetic fibers which ultimately turns into air pollution. Imagine if we start wearing sustainable clothes how much air pollution we’ll reduce!

Instead of wasting money on expensive and useless things, we must invest that money in environmental protection and clothing that’ll stay for long and won’t harm our skin and environment.

4. Don’t hesitate to visit resale websites

One of the best tips to buy quality sustainable clothes is to visit resale websites. By doing this, you’ll get two benefits-

First, it promotes sustainability as you aren’t buying any new clothes and reusing old ones which already sold out. Second, which is quite good, is the price. You can have good quality clothes at very affordable prices.

5. Don’t buy irrelevant clothing & fashion products!

1. Expensive bags:

Why do women chose expensive bags over cheaper ones? Well, there are a lot of reasons but the most important one is that many women love style and status. Expensive bags can give them both. Rather than spending thousands on just one thing, we can use that money to buy bags, clothes, and fashion accessories that’ll benefit us in the long run and help the environment too.

2. Luxury watches:

If you’re a fan of luxury watches, you must have been heard of Rolex. It’s one of the most famous and expensive watch brands in the world. Rather than spending thousands on luxury watches, you can buy a quality watch from a local shop or an online website, and spend the remaining amount on buying something like sustainable clothes.

3. Expensive suits & dresses

Apart from pricing, we must always look for the quality and timeline of a cloth. And should always proceed with the sustainable option. Instead of spending thousands on one suit, you can buy three sustainable suits which will usually last for three seasons – which most traditional clothes don’t, even if you buy from a name brand.


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