5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Health…

5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Health

With busy work schedules and packed to-do lists, it can feel as though there is little time to make your personal health and wellness the priority it needs to be. When you’re always on the go, it may be hard for you to find time to attend to your basic needs, let alone embark on a dedicated wellness journey. As well, wellness trends, fad diets and new scientific studies can seem like daunting undertakings only afforded to those with excess time, money and energy.

Fortunately, healthy habits aren’t as complex, expensive or time-consuming as many believe them to be. No matter your current lifestyle, it’s important to prioritize your personal health. Read on for simple ways to build a better, healthier set of habits for yourself, so you can enjoy your life to its fullest, healthiest potential.

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1. Eat plant-based foods

Grab-and-go convenience foods can be great options during busier times to ensure your body gets an adequate amount of calories and energy during the day, but not all of these foods are nourishing or beneficial for your health. At home, it’s sometimes hard to muster the energy to cook a healthy meal at the end of a long day–and understandably. Luckily, a healthy diet doesn’t preclude accessibility, and it’s possible to eat healthy even with a limited amount of time or money. Head online and plug in search terms such as “what is sucrose” or “what are the essential vitamins and minerals.” For optimal nutrition, primarily focus on loading your plate with food from plant-derived sources, such as fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats, legumes and plant-based proteins.

2. Get enough rest

You spend approximately a third of your life sleeping, and for good reason. During sleep, your body regenerates muscle tissues, stores new mental information, clears out toxins and waste, repairs cells and releases beneficial hormones that will serve your brain and body during your waking hours. It’s important to get at least seven hours of rest each night. Set a consistent bedtime routine, eliminate nighttime distractions and limit late-night television binges to maximize your chance for restful sleep.

3. Drink plenty of fluids

Because your body is primarily made of water, it’s crucial to ensure adequate fluid intake during the day to support your internal tissues and organs. Thirst is one of the late indications of dehydration, so be sure to get ahead of any bodily cues and stay hydrated by drinking water, as other beverages can have the opposite effect.

4. Prioritize exercise

Regular aerobic movement does more for your body than just keeping your weight in a stable range. Exercise can help you sleep better, maintain higher levels of cognitive function, improve your mood, support your immune system and keep your bones, muscles and tissues healthy and strong. It isn’t necessary to transform yourself into a gym-rat in order to make exercise a part of your lifestyle. Simply try to keep a fitness mindset during the day, looking for opportunities to get your heart rate up whenever you can. Try to schedule regular exercise in your routine with activities that feel enjoyable and sustainable, and at a time that works for you and your personal weekly calendar.

5. Schedule down time

Relaxation isn’t just a luxury. It’s a necessary part of life. Consider leisure as important to your health as a good diet and regular exercise. Regular breaks give your brain and body some breathing room to recover from the stressors of day-to-day life, and the more your system experiences fun and leisure, the easier it will be for your system to fight off illness, both mental and physical, and function at optimal levels.

Rather than sit around and do nothing, unless that’s what you need at the time, make your down time intentional. Gather with friends to catch up on a favorite show, pull out a favorite hobby, work on a puzzle, write in your journal, listen to a podcast or treat yourself to your favorite, home-cooked meal. There are many aspects to health and wellness, and treating yourself with care and kindness is one of the most important.


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