5 Accessories You Need While Doing Yoga…

5 Accessories You Need While Doing Yoga

Yoga is practiced by thousands of people thanks to its body-toning and meditative properties, and its popularity only continues to grow. Whether you are just starting out or trying to get more serious about practicing yoga, there are a few items and accessories that are a necessity to get the most out of yoga. Here are five of the most useful accessories you need while doing yoga.

1. Yoga Bricks

Yoga bricks are essential to have at home, as they are invaluable to beginners and those with yoga experience alike. If you’re just starting out, yoga bricks can support you in poses that you aren’t strong enough to hold for long, which can help you work towards greater flexibility and eventually doing the pose unassisted. Even for experienced practitioners, yoga bricks are useful for restorative yoga. Because restorative poses are meant to relax and restore your body and not to build strength, it’s best performed with an aid like a yoga brick.

2. Yoga Mats

A yoga mat is the most obvious of accessories you need while doing yoga, but the key is to have multiple at all times. Many mats can get worn down or torn over time, so replacing them occasionally will be necessary, and you’ll also want extras for the times when your mat needs to be cleaned. In addition, different materials may feel better for your body at different times, so having a few mats of different styles is also a good idea.

3. A Barefoot Yoga Rug

Once you get more serious and want to take yoga practices outdoors, you’ll need a barefoot yoga rug. They are much easier to use on grass, sand, or other outdoor surfaces than regular yoga mats, and in addition, they fold up easily, making them simple to pack into a suitcase for vacations. Even if you aren’t a frequent traveller, however, it’s great to have a barefoot yoga rug around when beautiful weather tempts you to practice outside.

4. A Yoga Wheel

Yoga wheels have tons of different uses, and are key for those looking to work towards greater flexibility. When performing inversions, it makes a great prop, and yoga wheels also make great centers for backbends. They can also be used for a variety of core strengthening exercises. They key for a good yoga wheel, however, is a material that won’t bend or break even under the full body weight of an adult, as some poses and stretches will require leaning on the wheel. By having a yoga wheel around, you can safely and effectively test your limits.

5. Essential Oils

What type of essential oil you use is up to your preference, but you’ll want a bottle of some variety to take advantage of its calming and restorative effects. Essential oils are great when used before practice, usually applied to the wrists, behind the ears and on the nose, and they help to get into the relaxed mindset you need for yoga. By applying them after practice, you can also keep that feeling of calm going longer post-workout, or they can be applied anytime you need to relax. Lavender is a favorite for many people, but any variety of essential oil will be a worthwhile purchase.

While there are countless other items that you might consider buying to enhance your yoga practices, these are five accessories you need while doing yoga at any experience level. Props like yoga bricks and wheels help with restorative yoga and make injuries far less likely, while having both yoga mats and a barefoot yoga rug ensure you’ll be ready to practice anywhere and anytime. Once you have all the necessary accessories, you’re ready to work towards your body’s optimal levels of strength and flexibility.


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