40 Expressions Of Love

Love is…

  • Surrendering to the Divine spirit residing in all
  • Drifting with the shifting shapes of clouds that form fascinating figures across space
  • Reliving Mother’s tender touch – caressing cares away
  • Joyous laughter of children echoing through the water park
  • Creative ideas stimulated by the sounds of silence
  • Light piercing darkness — establishing and expanding permanence
  • Brilliant blooming buds of spring
  • Gooey double-chocolate-chip cherry brownies slathered in vanilla fudge
  • The nightingale’s sweet songs seducing observers from nature’s verdant canopy
  • Patrons stuck in the slow line patiently and compassionately awaiting the clerk-in-training
  • Collecting enough courage to apologize first for the sake of peace
  • The sun’s stunning statement made before sinking beneath the sea
  • Yellow, brown, black, white and red hands of hope — uniting all and promoting peace and understanding
  • The potent perfume of jasmine wafting in the summer breeze
  • Hooking up to the highest vibration of mind, body and soul — feeling happy, healthy, and whole
  • Brilliant shades of the rainbow-strewn across the desert floor
  • Unconditional affection frequently displayed by a devoted pet
  • The listening ear and caring heart of a faithful friend
  • Running an extra lap in support of survivors in pink
  • Simply being — surrounded by the infinite, invisible source of power and protection
  • The warm, welcoming embrace shared by lovers at the end of an exhausting day
  • A scrapbook of faded photographs preserving precious memories of years past
  • The first snow of the season clinging intimately to the branches of the evergreens
  • A familiar melody releasing a rush of emotions and tingeing the soul with desire
  • An unexpected breeze refreshing flushed faces on a hot, sultry day
  • Tenderly cradling that cute, cooing bundle of joy
  • God the good — intentionally feeling good, beholding the good, believing that good is the essence of all
  • Forging forgiveness, despite the memory of pain
  • Two tangoing in the warm spring rain
  • The granting of unlimited, unconditional grace
  • Routinely extending random acts of kindly courtesies
  • A meticulously prepared home-cooked meal presented by proud, precious hands
  • Remaining receptive to the whispering words of wisdom
  • Stroking the soft velvety coat of a cuddly kitten
  • Learning to turn within, connect to Spirit, and trust the universe to pave the way to greatness
  • Appreciating the ability of our bodies to generate millions of new cells each second
  • Passion – purposefully and unapologetically living life fully
  • The exhilarating feeling of freedom — cruising Pacific Coast Highway 1 in a classic convertible while wind-teased tresses billow to the rhythm of the waves below
  • Stepping closer to higher consciousness — evolving into our greatest yet-to-be self
  • Love is in the air, everywhere – love is you, love is me, love is all there is


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